Manila Bulletin writers says the Elites having their P1.6B loan written off while the poor caught stealing a can of sardines goes to jail inflames her so much!

On Facebook, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu decried the different code of conduct applicable to the Elites she called shameless vis-a-vis the poor masses of the country.

Credits to Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu for the photo.

Chu remarked that the Elites play a different game, follow different rules and worst of all – the Elites covered and protected each other.

Chu cited the case of one of the controversial members of the Elites who owed P1.6B to a bank but managed to have the debt written off while a poor man who stole a can of sardines is still in jail three years after he was caught since he cannot afford a lawyer and the businessman refused to drop the charges.

The shameless elites of this country have a different code of conduct for themselves, a different code of morality, they play a different game, they follow different rules, and worst of all—the elite covered for each other and protected each other. This is how they set themselves apart from ordinary people—they can get away with having their 1.6 billion pesos debt written off by a bank, but a poor man who stole a can of sardines is still in jail three years after he was first apprehended because he couldn’t get a lawyer and the owner wouldn’t drop charges and now it’s too late. (TRUE STORY.)

Chu highlighted flawed justice system in the country and yet there are many Filipinos who wants the Elites, who have gotten away with billions, to continue getting away with this because they are an idiot.

Chu said the biggest contradiction of Philippine democracy is best seen in how Oligarchs have gotten away with robbing the poor in plain view.

Chu remarked that it pains her to see the multiple layers of deceit President Duterte is uncovering.

Chu found it disturbing the so-called Elites lack of humanity and conscience whose billions weren’t still enough for them while the poor in the barrios cannot even send their children to school – all because the Elites got away with not paying their taxes, robbed the poorest of the poor blind with high rates, not regularizing the employees who toiled for them for decades .

Chu urged her readers to ponder which kind of democracy they prefer – the kind of democracy wherein the rich and the elites can get away with anything without fear of punishment from the law? Or the kind of democracy wherein everyone is free to demand for justice, truth and equality?

And this is democracy? This is freedom? Their freedom of “speech?” Versus our freedom to demand for justice, truth, and equality—the real freedom in a truly egalitarian society?

Chu said this inflames her so much that she will support any candidate Duterte endorses in 2022 even if she personally hates that candidate because she desperately wants that candidate to continue Duterte’s legacy.

This inflames me so much. Duterte only has two years to go, and I promise that I will support whoever he endorses—even if I personally hate that person—because I know that in that person Duterte will have a chance to continue his legacy.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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