Manila Times Columnist burns Rappler’s Pia Ranada following article that says, ‘Duterte’s foreign trips cost thrice more than predecessors’

On Saturday, Rappler’s Pia Ranada posted an article with an eye-grabbing headline that says, ‘Duterte’s foreign trips cost thrice more than predecessors’.

Ranada opened the article by painting the President as a man of inconsistencies with the lead, “President Rodrigo Duterte projects himself as a man of simple tastes, almost allergic to extravagance and unnecessary expenses. Yet MalacaƱang records show he spent about triple what his predecessors spent on foreign travels during his first year in power.”

To drive home her point, Ranada compared Duterte’s foreign trips spending on his first year to his predecessors Aquino and Arroyo to support her argument.

Ranada’s logic whipped a storm on social media, drawing harsh reactions from social media bloggers affiliated with Pres. Duterte. [Rappler]

Edwin Jamora aka Reyna Elena slammed Rappler on Twitter.

Manila Times Columnist Malou Tiquia took the criticism against Rappler’s Pia Ranada to another level and wrote a stinging rebuke on Facebook. Read the post below.

You don’t even need to read that. Logic dictates that it is more costlier because there are many countries PRRD visited in less than a year in office.

And what does personal taste have anything to do with official travel? Of course SAP Bong Go will always be with the prez, duh! And since defense is high on his list as well as trade, it is no surprise that SND and STI are always or often part of the travels.

Logic dictates that in a formula, N x Php x D is a moving total, where N is the number of countries visited; Php is the cost of travel and D is the number in the delegation. Forex, airline cost, hotel and food are part and parcel of cost. Would have been better if the writer checked who stayed in first class, business class and economy, right?
Across presidencies, from FVR, Erap to GMA, only PRRD visited 15 countries in first year. Unless the said article is framing it as junkets which were not.

There is also FOI and the author of the article could have used that to build an in depth one. But then again, in this day and age of first-to-post, the full story can probably come in later.

Lastly, foreign trips are not stand alone activities. The writer should have done her homework. How many of the promises and agreements signed in those trips materialized or are in the pipeline. Easy to get said information but writer chose optics than facts. Sad.

I hope the Duterte Administration will reposition the framing done on the foreign trips. About time you defend the Presidency well. She ended the post with the following hashtags: #justsayin. #TruthHurtsIfItsTheTruth. #MuddlingThrough

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