Manila Times columnist hits CBCP following its statement telling the public “rejoicing over the deaths of Hapilon & Maute is temporary”

As euphoric netizens openly rejoice the news of the deaths of Hapilon and Maute on social media, the CBCP told netizens that the rejoicing is merely temporary.

“Rejoicing in the death of these terrorists will merely be temporary. Their death doesn’t mean the end of terror groups in the country,” CBCP-Permanent Committee on Public Affairs executive secretary Fr. Jerome Secillano said in a statement via the church-run Radio Veritas. [GMA NEWS]

Whether it was a mere coincidence or not, Manila Times columnist Malou Tiquia, who happens to be a Duterte supporter, turned emotional and responded telling CBCP that we, in speaking in behalf of the public who rejoiced upon hearing the news of the deaths of Hapilon and Maute, are not rejoicing but lifting up the sacrifices of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

In the post, Tiquia couldn’t help but compare how the church wants to do a full accounting of what happened in Marawi but never demanded the same accountability in the post-Yolanda rehabilitation.

On Facebook, Tiquia writes:

To the Catholic Church and the CBCP, no we are not rejoicing the death of terrorists. We are lifting up the sacrifices of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. If that is a sin, we beg your indulgences. You are holy, we are not.

You keep ringing the bells for the war against illegal drugs. Have you rang those bells for those who died so we can live in peace? Have you rang those bells in support of our brothers and sisters in Marawi? Is that the faith I cherished through the years? So nurture has been replaced by judgement?

To those who want a total accounting now of what happened in Marawi with PRRD’s declaration of liberation and the raising and singing of our national anthem, have you even asked for a full accounting of Yolanda and why rehabilitation remains a problem there? I have faith that we will have a better rehabilitation in Marawi, not perfect but something we can be proud of, unlike Yolanda and even Zamboanga.

Was there abuse and misuse of power? Marawi was urban warfare. Marawi was terrorism. We still have not processed those who were made hostages and the finger pointing is now being made against government. Why?

I will let you be but I will continue to honor the men in women who defended this Republic. I will forever remember the man whose last words hit me as to make me discern more than start accusing this government of going beyond what pleases you.

It will take time but it will be a lot better than before. Bangon Marawi, Bagong Marawi.

In a subsequent post, Malou Tiquia clarified her post was about the soldiers, not in response to the GMA article on the CBCP telling the public not to rejoice in the light of the deaths of Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute. [Link here]

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