Manila Times Columnist praises Pacquiao despite controversial loss, hits netizens who taunts, mocks ‘Pambansang Kamao’

Despite yesterday’s controversial loss, Manny Pacquiao has earned the praise of ordinary folks including prominent journalist for setting the example to poor Filipinos that they can achieve greatness by combination of hard work, faith in God and pure grit.

On Facebook, Manila Times Columnist Malou Tiquia appeals to the bashers of Manny to give him a break and to stop the hate. After all, Manny has done a lot for the country by putting us in the map, in addition to his charitable work like giving housing to the poor and giving livelihood to his poor constituents, more than any politicians in the country.

And above all, he showed the Filipinos how to be a boxer, accept defeat and move on.

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I twitted this 4 hours ago: “@mannypacquiao, it is time! You made your name. You are set for life. Time to teach young boxers for future. Still, congrats to the Champ!”

And now, I see negative hashtags and taunts from others because of the kind of politics he has been known for (for only a year). I suggest we separate the politics from the boxer. We knew him as the People’s Champ first so let us hold on to that honor. Besides, he has done more than any politician has done in helping the poor.

With a 59-6-2 record, the #Pacman has proven himself and has brought honor to Filipinos. I am sure that those bashing Pacquiao, the politician, cheered Many in one of those victories.

Politics aside, Many has given us a lot. He is a gentleman boxer despite of his upbringing, Many is all science and heart. The best the nation can offer and how did he start his career? You and I were not there. We only learned of his life when his name was no longer a whisper. The government did not have anything to do with his success. So please.

Pacquiao rose like an eagle and scooped at each enemy in the boxing ring. And that is not for a single fight or reign for a single category or rule for a year. He too will be in the Hall of Fame soon.

All God-given asset, a lot of sacrifice, patience and training and rising from every fall, Pacquiao has shown to all what overcoming the odds is and what pure grit means.

And yet boxing is a game of power, of convincing wins, of continuous brawls, of being dirty to win over an enemy. Manny has chosen to be an honest warrior and we should be proud of it.

Let us cheer our Champ and embrace him when he returns because he certainly showed to all how to be a boxer, accept defeat and move on.

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The post generated the reaction from Senator JV Ejercito who commented: “Can’t believe there are those who are celebrating Manny’s loss. He is a Filipino legend. Bad taste.”

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