Manila Times columnist slams Inquirer for anchoring banner headline on rehashed AMLAC report

A post by a Manila Times columnist reprimanding the Philippine Daily Inquirer for rehashing old news report as their banner headline is doing the rounds online.


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In a Facebook post shared among popular social media personalities, the Manila Times writer, Katrina Stuart Santiago chided the popular daily newspaper for using the old AMLAC report on VP Binay’s alleged billions which she said was the same report that came out a year ago in the same newspaper.

The Manila Times writer said and I quote, “a story from May 2015, with no new data, and ignoring the AMLC ITSELF saying that there is only one account directly connected to the Inquirer’s chosen enemy-of-a-presidential-candidate with a fraction of the billions.”

Ms. Kat Stuart Santiago of Manila Times questions the timing of the Philippine Daily Inquirer banner story on VP Binay and the new AMLAC report as claimed by the PDI because according to her, it could jeopardize even our overseas Filipino workers, our credibility, our economy.

On this same day that the Inquirer rehashes a year-old story that has since been disproven, the Senate does a hearing on the money laundering case involving $100 MILLION DOLLARS, crossing between two countries which, as we are being told now, could affect even our overseas Filipino workers, our credibility, our economy.

The Manila Times columnist could not help but call the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s banner headline story a HUGE FAILURE!

You know. What a fail PDI.

This explains why Senator Nancy Binay was livid when asked by reporters about her reaction to the Inquirer story and I quote, “I just have one message for the Inquirer: see you in court again!”

What a statement this is against the Philippine Daily Inquirer. On the same day that it decides to rehash a story from…

Posted by Katrina Stuart Santiago on Monday, March 14, 2016

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