Manila Times Columnist sums up Senator Drilon in one sentence: “If pigs could fly, Drilon would be the fastest aviator of them all.”

If pigs could fly, Drilon would be the fastest aviator of them all.

This is how Karambola mainstay and Manila Times columnist Jojo Robles summed up the political career of opposition heavyweight Franklin Drilon in a Facebook post.

Drilon has been one of the savviest politicians post-EDSA, who almost always find a way to ingratiate himself to almost every administrations that came to power.

When former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s administration was on the brink of crumbling, Drilon’s shrewdness as a politician was clearly demonstrated as pointed out by Robles in his FB post.

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OK, just so you know what kind of political animal Frank Drilon is, you must understand that on the morning of the Hyatt 10 caper not so long ago, he was in Malacanang helping to strategize countermeasures with Gloria.

By that time, the palace had already heard about the mass Cabinet resignations and was evaluating options and counting loyalist heads.

Upon the mass quittings in the early afternoon, Drilon was already with the Hyatt 10ers, whom he presumably briefed about Gloria’s plans that he had heard earlier, when he was still GMA’s trusted ally and Senate president.

If pigs could fly, Drilon would be the fastest aviator of them all.

For the uninitiated, Senator Franklin Drilon has been around since the time of President Corazon Aquino as her DOJ Secretary and later as Executive Secretary.

Drilon ran for Senator and won in 1992 as part of the senate line-up of Lakas-Tao, FVR’s political party.

When Erap ran for President, Drilon bolted from Lakas and joined Laban ng Makabayang Masang Pilipino (LAMMP) of Erap.

And then when Erap was ousted, Drilon became one of GMA’s trusted allies.

When GMA’s political ship was sinking, Drilon once again left GMA for his political survival.

When Cory died, and Noynoy became President, he flourished once again and became Pnoy’s trusted ally.

In short, Drilon has been the consummate politician in Philippine politics that finds a way to survive while others fumble.

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