Manila Times columnist writer’s savage commentary on Times magazine article about Maria Ressa of Rappler goes viral

The prestigious Time Magazine dedicated an article justifying its choice of Rappler’s Maria Ressa as one of the several ‘Person of the Year’ for 2018.

However, Manila Times columnist writer Jojo Robles wasn’t impressed.

In fact, he found out several dubious claims made by Times magazine about Maria Ressa.

In a Facebook post published today, Robles specifically contested top three claims made by Times magazine in the article celebrating Maria Ressa as its ‘Person of the Year’ for 2018.

Check out the full post below.

First of all, Maria Ressa never covered Duterte, as Time claims. She let her attack dog Pia Ranada do that.

Second of all, Maria is no Khasoggi, the Saudi journo who was killed in the Turkish embassy. She just wants you to think she’s in harm’s way so she can get out of paying taxes.

Thirdly, Maria never distinguished herself as a journalist. She was never top-flight, first-drawer talent like Amanpour or Anderson.

She even failed as a news manager (ABS-CBN and Rappler). But she’s such a bad steward of other people’s money that she’s now in dire danger of doing time.

All she’s good at is playing victim and pretending to be a first-class journo.

I will hold judgment until I see her raw copy, though. I already know how she looks on cam; she just speaks better than Jover.

Fellow columnist writer Bobi Tiglao seemed to agree with Jojo Robles’ FB post as shown in his comment below.

“sumikat lang siya in covering publicity hungry abu sayyaf actually.”

Franco Mabanta commented, “Flawless commentary.”

Apparently netizen Pinoy Gonzales was well ahead of his time.

“That’s why I have not read Time magazine for a long time.”

As of this writing, Robles’ Facebook post has generated quite an interest, gathering 396 shares, 1,411 reactions and a few comments and counting in a span of 2 hours since hitting the publish button on Facebook.

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