Manny Pacquiao cannot blame anybody or poverty for his lack of education but himself — veteran journo from Iloilo

IMO, Manny Pacquiao understands that his lack of education is a liability and his rivals will exploit it to their advantage should he run for President of the Philippines.

Pacquiao must have thought that blaming poverty early in his life for his lack of education might do the hat trick to win the sympathy of the nation and hopefully, hand him the Presidency in the silver platter.

Iloilo veteran journalist Manuel Boy Mejorada isn’t keen in joining the Pacquiao bandwagon and wrote a brilliant article to shatter the boxer turned senator’s narrative designed to win the sympathy of the nation.

Basically, Mejorada argued that Pacquiao cannot blame anybody else, including poverty for his lack of education. Mejorada said Manny was already a millionaire in his 20’s and could have enrolled in school of his desire to make up for the lost opportunity to educate himself. Instead, he splurged on cars, mansions, luxury bags for his wife and mother.

“Pacquiao cannot blame anybody else for his lack of education. No, it’s not because of poverty. He was already a millionaire in his 20s and had money to spend. But what he did was invest in luxury and splendor, splurging millions of pesos for those signature bags and jewelry for his wife and mother. He bought mansions left and right. He could afford to ride a different car for every day of the month.”

Instead of investing for his own education the right way, Mejorada said that Pacquiao thought that getting a UMAK degree should get rid of his problem. But the UMAK diploma doesn’t equip him with knowledge to even talk about the basics of PolSci.

“However, Pacquiao didn’t invest in his own education. He thought he could buy a degree from University of Makati and that should get rid of the problem. Unfortunately, a diploma doesn’t equip him with knowledge to even talk about the basics of political science. He might not even know the names of Karl Marx, Plato, Aristotle, Adam Smith, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell and Thomas Hobbes, just to name a few key figures in shaping political thought.”

Mejorada went on to remind Pacquiao that the greatest wealth is knowledge not money or fame.

“We are defined by the investments we make.
Wealth isn’t material.
The greatest wealth is knowledge.”

Mejorada commented that Pacquiao could have done ala Alexander the Great to earn his education.

“Pacquiao could have hired a tutor like Alexander the Great did (he was tutored by Aristotle) to help him navigate the world of information and knowledge.”

Or perhaps buy tons of books with his money to broaden his knowledge and understanding.

“He could have acquired thousands and thousands of books to be read and digested to be able to broaden his knowledge and understanding.”

For someone aspiring to lead a nation, Mejorada remarked Pacquiao needed to read world history and learn from the rise and fall of leaders and empires.

“As a leader, he needed to read history to plunge into the events of centuries past and learn from the triumphs and defeats of empires.”

Unfortunately, Pacquiao wasted that opportunity and before he knew it, it was already too late.

“He wasted 20 years, and he won’t be able to catch up if he wants to be President to get an adequate intellectual arsenal to face the challenges of that office.”


Source: Manuel Boy Mejorada

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