Manny Pacquiao dared BBM to a debate but after watching his incoherence when asked about foreign policy, BBM supporters have the last laugh!

A video of Senator Manny Pacquiao struggling to give a coherent answer when asked about his foreign policy if elected President has left the internet in stitches.

Basically, Pacquiao wanted to say that if elected President, he will not allow the Philippines to get bullied by any country, he will not give up a square inch of PH territory to any foreign country and if necessary, we will fight because we are Filipinos.

In the video, Pacquiao use English as his language of choice when he communicated his response to the question of debate panelist Ces Drilon. That proved to be a bad decision as the boxer turned senator seemed to be grasping for words to craft a coherent response, leaving the audience squirming in their seats while listening to the presidential aspirant from Gensan.

If you’d recall, he challenged BBM to a one-on-one debate to talk about respective platform of governance after BBM failed to show up during the first edition of the Comelec-sponsored presidential debate. Pacquiao said BBM may be shy in joining well-attended presidential debates.

After watching the video below, netizens turned to Manny Pacquiao to tell him, in case their comments will find its way to Manny, how dare him to challenge BBM to a debate if he can’t even give a coherent answer to the question regarding foreign policy.

Netizen #1 commented.

And he has the guts to ask for a one to one kay BBM…..

Netizen #2 had nothing but harsh words for the individual/s who encouraged Manny to run for President when it is obvious he is not cut to run for President because he can’t even express himself, more so run the affairs of the country.

My take here is that, walang puso ang mga taong nag encourage for Manny to run for president.. mabait naman si manny but I dnt think he can express himself more so ran the affairs of our country🥲

Perhaps, this is the sign from above Manny Pacquiao is waiting to make him back out from the race. Netizen #3 said.

Pacquiao malamang eto na yung inaantay mong sign mula sa taas na “mag backout” ka na sa karera na pagka pangulo! Malugod nmn naming tatanggapin.

@lgpierce Laban MannyPaks! 🤣🤣 Still you got the best decision na hndi nag attend sa SMNI Presidential Debate. 🤣 #mannypacquiao #fyp #pilipinasdebates2022 #foreignpolicy #presidentialdebate ♬ Unstoppable – Sia


Source: Thinking Pinoy


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