Manny Pacquiao’s classmate at Notre Dame Dadiangas recalls boxer turned senator leaving class after 30 minutes for 90-min lecture

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza once dared former classmates of Manny Pacquiao from University of Makati to step forward and confirmed that indeed the boxer turned senator attended Political Science class in the said school.

Unfortunately, I have yet to stumble upon any of Pacquiao’s classmate in University of Makati to take Jay Sonza’s challenge.

In the meantime, let us make do of what he have right now and thank the gentleman from Notre Dame Dadiangas for sharing his Manny Pacquaio the classmate story.

BTW, the netizen offered the information by commenting in one of Sass Rogando Sasot’s thread on FB.

According to the netizen, he was once a classmate of Pacquiao in one subject at NDDU (Notre Dame). With bodyguards in tow who stayed outside the classroom, Pacquiao listened to the lecture allegedly for 30 minutes and then left. The subject was supposedly 1 hour and 30 minutes of lecture time.

He clarified he is a fan of Pacquiao as a boxer, not as a politician. “All I remember of him was he received only 300 votes when he ran as Congressman in the first district (GenSan lone district) in South Cotabato and lost. That’s why he transferred to Saranggani,” the netizen recalled. By the way, General Santos is part of South Cotabato. [Link here]

Here are some of the comments of netizens, in reaction to the netizens testimony.

“That’s true I’m from Gensan so proud of him but not as a President hilaw pa siya , need more knowledge about politics,” commented someone from GenSan. To which another netizen replied: “That’s true kaya lumipat sya ng Sarangani.Tinalo sya ng dating lady governor o mayor when they both ran in their district. Correct me if I’m wrong.“yan ang totoo.. para sa ambisyon nyang magkapwesto iiwan ang sariling lugar 🤣🤣🤣 baka ibenta niya ang Pilipinas sa Us pag nagkataon 🤣🤣🤣 said another.

“Nag cutting class si Pakyaw … kaya lumipat siya ng sarangani dahil natalo siya kay Darlene Custodio na kinakapatid niya….” added another netizen.

“Cutting class🤦considered absent🤷 replied a commenter.

“Daig nya pala si sheldon. Genius. Na bored sya sa subject Kaya layas agad kasama ng mga body guard ahaha! Kawawa ang Pinas pag sya naging presidente. Sagot o solusyon nya palagi ay “puso” reacted one netizen.


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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