Mar Roxas under heavy criticism for remarks, “I don’t accept na Third World na lang ang Pilipinas, that’s why I am running”?

Mar Roxas is under heavy fire on social media, particularly on Facebook after getting quoted he is running because he can’t accept the Philippines is Third World?

“I don’t accept na Third World na lang ang Pilipinas, that’s why I am running. I don’t accept na kulelat na lang tayo and that’s why I am running.”

In a Facebook post, Roxas shared the meme with the caption that reads:

Yes, I am peace because I am doing this for our country. Tiwala ako na mas malayo pa ang mararating ng Pilipinas, ng Pilipino.

You may watch the video below from Rappler and listen Mar Roxas said these words.

Roxas on Senate bid: 'I'm not here to redo 2016'

The senatorial candidate from the Otso Diretso opposition slate said in a #TheLeaderIWant interview that he decided to run because he wants to help lift Filipinos out of poverty.Story:

Posted by Rappler on Monday, February 11, 2019

In other words, Mar Roxas is telling the public that he is the Philippines’ savior, can carry the country on his back and lift it out of the Third World status if he wins a senate seat in the 2019 midterm election.

Radio host Mark Lopez did not like Mar Roxas’ soundbyte to win votes, rolled up his sleeves and crafted a short rebuttal on Facebook, hoping to knock some sense on Mar Roxas’ head and return him back to reality.

Basically, Lopez said if Mar Roxas can’t even make the Philippines 1st World when he was practically running the show during the PNoy administration, how much more now even if Roxas wins a senate seat in the 2019 election?

Lopez continued that the Pnoy administration has been called the most incompetent because of issues like the MRT mess, Tanim Bala, Traffic, Drugs, Martilyo Gang, Mahindra, Toilet Project, and the tragic Yolanda that hounded it was largely due to Mar Roxas who was practically running the show during Pnoy administration.

Lopez remarked that it is ironic Mar Roxas is saying now that he can’t accept the country is a bottom dweller when he was the main reason the country is now scraping the bottom?

Towards the end of the FB post, Lopez said that Roxas is living in a bubble and in denial stage that his leadership was the major factor the country is Third World.

You may read the full post below to understand where Lopez was coming from.


If Mar Roxas really said this, he is really the most stupid politician. Ever.

In the six years of the Noynoy Aquino embarrassment, Mar Roxas was practically the one running the show after his formal appointment as DOTr Sec in 2011. Because he was groomed to take over in 2016, Noynoy handed the reins to Mar, and he was all over. Exactly why after a year at DOTr, he was then transferred to DILG so as to have complete supervision and direct rapport with the LGUs and the PNP.

Mar was so powerful and influential that he practically dictated policy.

So if the Aquino administration is labeled as the most incompetent (think MRT, Tanim Bala, Traffic, Drugs, Martilyo Gang, Mahindra, Toilet Project, and the tragic Yolanda) it is largely due to Mar Roxas.

And it is why the 2016 election was an indictment of this Inept Aquino Legacy.

Tapos ngayon, sasabihin nya hindi nya tatanggapin na kulelat ang bansa?!!!


Ano yan Mar, you live in a bubble and in denial na leadership mo ang major factor ng pagkalugmok ng bansa natin?

Na kung magsalita ka now eh feeling mo ikaw mag sasalba sa amin samantalang ikaw nga nagpahamak?

Anak ng Kamote naman!

Atty Gadon, paki nga…


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Rene Cajelo Bobong mar roxas. Are you saying we are worse today than your administration? Tangna niyo! Ni hindi nyo nga malinis ang manila bay. Iyot mo mar 😂🤣😅😜😝 BOBO

Jepoy de la Rosa He tried everything so he could be Marbibo ….now Marbobo should really pay attention cause many are no longer complaining but 😄😄😄 at him …how pathetic ..

Janice Bacani Carandang Unti- unti nang nakakabangon ang pilipinas sa kahirapan simula nang mawalang ng powers ang mga selfish and greedy minions nina penoy, mar, abad.. please lang wag na natin bigyan ng oportunidad na makalapit pa uli sila. At ang mga naiwan, mai- flush na sana ng tuluyan.

Raquel Carranza-Vivar He could not even handle 1 disaster in Tacloban. Granted that it was an unprecedented phenomena, we did not see 1 worthwhile act. Not even the basics. No preparation, nothing. He thought being present was good enough and so he made sure he’ll be photographed and have that narrative that even he faced danger. Then what? It took an Anderson Cooper, weeks after, that dead bodies were still scattered and no sign of any government action seen.
So for 1 incident where his competence and critical thinking or even common sense could have shone, he showed n-o-t-h-i-n-g! And now he expects us to believe this
To add insult to injury, NAWALA PA ANG YOLANDA FUNDS! Marujas, Puro ka spin doctor…hindi ka mag-isip at gumawa ng may sinceredad!

Vikylou Masnayon Salane Pag nanalo si Mar forever na 3rd world at kulelat lang talaga ang maabot ng Pilipinas. Kaya NO Way, Mar. Love, Yolanda

Jay Araullo You had 6 years with power. Instead you used it to work towards getting another 6 Years. No more mar!

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