Maranao hero advices Duterte: Revive region-wide self-defense by major political clans, royal houses to crush ISIS

While a Maranao woman leader spoke against Martial Law, ironically, a respected Maranao leader asks Duterte to choose the best Maranaos in crushing ISIS.

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Norodin Alonto Lucman, former deputy ARMM governor and a member of one of the royal houses in Lanao, took to Facebook sharing his insight on how Pres. Duterte can crush ISIS in muslim Mindanao with the help of the influential Maranao families who have the firepower and the men to help the AFP offensives.

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Lucman said that the Duterte should choose the best Maranaos whose credibility and influence is beyond question.

You may read the post below now.

“The Marawi siege is costing the government tens of millions of millions of pesos daily to flush out the ISIS militants.

The cost of the aftermath is even more prohibitive as rehabilitation process starts to rebuild lives and restructure the city as part of a functioning province.

Prolonging the conflict will likely expand armed confrontations among stakeholders including the AFP. Pres. Duterte must crush the ISIS.

Certainly the AFP cannot do it alone.

The strategy of controlled chaos and low intensity conflicts is effective to a certain extent but armed militants today are creative and has the advantage of the terrain, availability of ieds, lethal portable weapons and even suicide bombers.

Most of all, it has foreign funding.

This comes to mind whether to revive self-defense forces organized region-wide by major political clans, royal houses and town mayors, supervised by the AFP/PNP.

This is not costly because they already have firepower, influence and personnel to undertake the job as partner of the AFP in putting security blanket all over the province including Marawi City.

After all disarming the civilians in muslim Mindanao is but a dream.

Having said that, the government has to identify the best Maranaos whose credibility and influence is beyond question.”

By the way, Lucman is the same man who saved 160 Christians from certain death in the hands of ISIS by hiding them in his house in Marawi. [Reuters]

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