Marawi resident to Chel Diokno: “What do you propose to fast track Marawi City rehab? Talino mo, e!”

Chel Diokno says that the Marawi rehabilitation because the progress has been too slow.

You may check the Manila Bulletin article published on May 8, 2019, wherein Diokno demanded a status update from Task Force Bangon Marawi for documents regarding the rehabilitation and donations for the reconstruction of war-torn Marawi City.

“There’s a lot of statements but no action being taken. So on behalf of Samira and myself, we wrote this letter,” Manila Bulletin quoted Diokno.

“I visited Marawi about two weeks ago and got to see Ground Zero myself. And I was perhaps, we could say, shocked that nothing has yet been done,” Diokno wrote.

Diokno’s complaint did not make Rolaiza Mimi Singayao, a native of Marawi and an OFW doctor in Oman, very happy.

Singayao called out Diokno on Facebook for opening his mouth without getting his facts straight.

In the Facebook post, Singayao discussed the many challenges that the Bangon Marawi Task Force have encountered. For example, clearing of improvised explosive devices left by the ISIS terrorists and resolving the complex issues of ownership based on legal land titles versus ancestral or clan lots/land blah, blah.

Singayao’s FB post has been a huge hit, generating high engagement for the said FB post.

As of this writing, Singayao’s post gathered more than 5,000 reactions, 4,600+ shares and 1,800+ comments.

Checked out Singayao’s FB post below.


“…shocked that nothing has been done,” says senatoriable Chel Diokno.

Alam nyo ba na it took almost a year for the military and its engineering division to clear the main battle area covering 24 barangays of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) left & planted by the terrorists ISIS-Maute?

Are you aware of the difficulties in clearing every inch of the heavily damaged area with bombs? Yong mga structures na nag mistulang Graham crackers na durog-durog? Do you care to see how the issues involved available military technology, logistics and the safety of each uniformed men and women?

Are you aware of the consultations that had been conducted by the military and Task Force Bangon Marawi with the LGUs, traditional leaders, religious leaders and affected clans & families of the city? Abogado yong mayor namin, ano akala mo, papayag ba iyon na “nothing was done” sa siyudad nya?

Are you aware of the challenges sa pag map ng areas na eto? Dahil sa issues ng ancestral o clan land/lots vis-a-vis sa pag-kakaintindi legally natin sa ‘titulo?’ Ang hirap nun. Paano i-re resolve yang land titles?

Are you aware of the difficulties in handling the resistance to the plans of NEDA? Hihimayin iyon, the people will insist to be involved. Lugar nila, buhay at kinabukasan nila.

Are you aware, that the visitations into the main battle areas comprising 24 barangays were only allowed in the early part of 2019 & that it has to be arranged per batch of residents to ensure safety and order?

Gusto mo bara-bara na magpatayo ang gobyerno na hindi naaayos ang pag ayon ng mga residente sa city planning at rehabilitasyon?

Heavily damaged. Total make over mula sewerage, drainage, power and water supply ang babakahin ng LGUs with govt agencies. Palagay mo ganun -ganun lang iyon?

Sige nga, what do you propose to fast tract the rebuilding of Marawi City? Talino mo, e.


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