Marcos critics are playing the blame game on Twitter as PH peso depreciates versus US dollar, but here comes journalist Ira Panganiban to spoil the fun

The Kakampinks be like: Look! The peso is down, you did not make Leni win.

This is essentially the theme of the Kakampinks’ demolition job against the Marcos administration by implying that PBBM is the cause of the weakening of the peso vis-a-vis the US dollar in different social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

I can imagine the Kakampinks punching the air in celebration thinking they are going to score a point against the Marcos administration with this jab.

Here are some samples of the tweets of Leni supporters taking a swipe at PBBM and the Marcos supporters because of the depreciating PH peso.

But wait! Here comes Ira Panganiban, former ABS-CBN reporter but now the editor of Autocar Philippines/latest addition to the Luminous admins who quickly rain on the parade of the anti-Marcos and Kakampinks by sharing a screenshot of the news from around the world to show that the Philippines peso depreciation isn’t a unique phenomenon but happening around the world, especially in Asia.

Yung tira ka ng tira pero hindi mo pala alam sinasabi mo. It’s a disease bro. ~ ira

Instead of making PBBM the laughing stock on social media, the Kakampinks are now the object of ridicule among Pinoy netizens on Facebook.

Ubod lng ng tanga ang mga yan crisis ito..d ksi nagbabasa ng world news, commented one netizen.

Another commented that the Pinklawans/Kakampinks’ mind are ruled by envy and pain.

That means the minds of the pinklawans were ruled by inggit at sakit. Putak ng putak hindi man lang nagbasa bobo talaga, sisi agad ni Pbbm. What a sad state of mind dahil lang sa politika.

This netizen suggested that since Mama Leni is a good economist, why not give a free lecture to her followers so that they will not spread stupidity in socmed.

Diba magaling na ekonomista si Mama Leni bakit hindi siya magbigay ng free lecture para sa mga anak niya ng hindi nagkakalat ng kalutangan sa socmed.

Here’s the comment from a netizen which I think perfectly describes the Kakampinks.

Again, the late great senator Miriam was proven correct. Stupidity is indeed forever.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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