Marcos loyalist, TV host and lawyer join forces versus Vico Sotto following his “Marcos No Hero” remark on social media!

Mayor-elect Vico Sotto of Pasig has been very visible lately in the news courtesy of mainstream media who have been generous in showering the neophyte Mayor with free publicity.

I don’t blame mainstream media after their senatorial bets suffered an embarrassing trashing from the admin bets in the 2019 midterm election to recruit Vico Sotto into the ranks of their Liberal Party friends and one day carry the torch of the opposition.

Vico Sotto is their perfect bet since he does not need anymore convincing in light of his pronouncements on social media that he is anti-Marcos and for sure not a fan of President Duterte.

In fact, Vico Sotto made the rounds on social media following his social media post saying “Marcos No Hero”.

On that note, the Marcos loyalists and even non-Marcos supporters reacted with raised eyebrows how a neophyte Mayor like Vico Sotto could muster the courage to say such things the Marcoses who have resilience in Philippine politics after 30 years of being the favorite whipping boy of the yellows and mainstream media.

Self-confessed Marcos loyalist and Facebook netizen Pagan Magali AmMan wrote lengthily, giving Vico her piece of mind.

Of course AmMan did not stop from here and advised Sotto to learn the lesson of OtsoDiretso if he has any plan of taking his talent to the national level. [Link here]

The new elected mayor of Pasig, Vico Sotto, seems to have started on a wrong footing, taking a swipe on the Marcoses & talking about historical revisionism as if he were there & had first-hand experiences of the martial law regime. Hijo, you were not born then yet!

Schooled at the Ateneo you had been taught the wrong history of the country from martial law regime onwards to post EDSA1 years, a history perpetuated by the aquinos & their propagandists.

I will not defend martial law for I am aware of its excesses. But Pres. Marcos had given more to the Filipinos in terms of infrastructures, many roads & bridges still of use today, and structures that still benefit the Filipino people like the Phil. Heart Centre, Lung Centre of the Phil., Phil. Kidney Institute, the Cultural Center of the Phil., the Phil. International Convention Center to name a few; whereas what cory aquino did was privatised such government facilities which continued during ramos presidency.

The promise of EDSA 1 which installed cory aquino to the presidency remained a promise that left the Filipinos poorer than they were. Power only changed hands, this time to the oligarchs, the aquino kins & cronies.

For 30 years they perpetuated the aquino myth by revising history books to suit their narratives but when you look around you, what do you see?

We had 2 Aquino presidents none better than the other, the son being the worst this country ever had. Do I need to spell it out to you about the kidapawan massacre, the Yolanda tragedy, the Mamasapano SAF44, PDAF? What qualified noynoy to be president? The death of his mother cory, which for 6 years we were cursed with dota playing president who made the entire country his playing ground!

Perhaps you should have at least considered what a Marcos can do; had you cast your eyes on Ilocos Norte you would have seen what a Marcos can do to make the province as progressive as it is. I hope you can be at par in Pasig if not better.

Hijo, your “brave words” have ramifications; you’ve alienated us Marcos supporters who are also supportive of the current President & administration.

If you intend to pursue your political career to national level I hope you learn a lesson or two from the infamous otso diretso…

Another netizen named Atty. Maximus Franco Beltran echoed the sentiment of Pagan Amali AmMan.

Beltran reminded Sotto the contrasting fates of the yellows in the just concluded election and Imee Marcos perhaps telling Sotto that taking up the Marcoses isn’t a good idea.

Amateurish mistake:

The Marcoses survived the powerful Aquinos, why take up the fight against them?….The electorate just junked the yellow narrative when they voted #IMEEsolusyon to the senate with a firm mandate of over 15 million?…the people just made known their decision — all about the Marcoses and you just went against the tide…..Now, the yellows will lean to you, use your phenomenal victory in Pasig City, contaminate you and it will not be long that you will find your self at war with those against the yellows…….Philippine politics is very complicated, it is not as simple as what you have learned in school but you can start enhancing your knowledge by asking what have the yellows done during their reign in terms of infrastructure, facilities, meaningful and lasting projects then compare it with what Macoy have done and now what PRRD is trying to achieve…..THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE STILL VERY RELEVANT TO MANY FILIPINOS……;)

Lawyer Bruce Rivera, a self-confessed anti-Marcos Martial Law, but not necessarily anti-Imee Marcos differ slightly from the first two netizens.

In the Facebook post, Rivera frankly told Vico Sotto to endeavor to be more sensitive of his statements because a portion of his constituents will be hurt by his statement.


This is a rule of thumb. When you become a local official like Mayor, you serve a constituency. Which means, you should endeavor to be more sensitive of your statements because a portion of your constituency will be hurt by your statements.

The least divisive you are the better. Being a PasigueƱo does make you less or more than Filipino. And many of your constituents who voted for you have Ilocano ancestry in them. You may have strong opinions on matters, you may be not be a supporter of this President but you have to respect that you are supported by a constituency that supported this President and the Marcoses as well.

Just because you have become Mayor did not effectively make Pasig a republic in itself for you not to be sensitive to Filipino sensibilities. Bago ka pa naman, so there is a learning curve. But Mayor, you started off on a wrong foot. Media showcased you because of your pedigree. The least we expected is humility.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

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