Marcos says Robredo’s ‘well-oiled infrastructure’ statement “smacks of desperation”, invites Robredo to meet his real supporters

While Robredo alluded her online haters as part of the “well-oiled infrastructure” of her rival, Marcos said Robredo’s statement “smacks of desperation”.

Marcos taunting response was through a video, prepared and released by his PR team, just two days after Robredo’s “well-oiled infrastructure” to describe her online bashers became a butt of jokes on social media.

In the video, a visibly amused Marcos dismissed Robredo’s insinuation in the interview with Daniel Razon of UNTV that his supporters are trolls and fake.

“Sinasabi ng iba fake supporters daw, may tinatawag daw na troll. Siguro ang aking katunggali hindi makapaniwala na meron talagang supporter kasi di sila nakakaramdam ng ganun,” Marcos spoke in Tagalog. (Someone said that my supporters are fake or trolls. Perhaps my rival is saying this because she can’t believe I have real supporters. Sadly, the same cannot be said on her part.)

Marcos switches between English and Tagalog to state his response.

“It is not only unfair, it’s not only untrue but it smacks of desperation on their part. Because kailangan nila makahanap ng paliwanag kung marami pa rin sumusuporta despite the fact na wala silang ginawa kung di manira, kung di mang-insulto, kung di kami murahin. Kung ganyan talaga ang kanyang paniniwala, ah pumunta kayo rito at ipakilala ko sa inyo sila isa-isa. (Because they need to find the reason why many still supports (me) despite the fact, they did nothing but malign, insult or curse us. If indeed that’s her belief, I dare her to go to us and I will introduce her to my supporters, one by one.”

Netizen Jerome De los Santos wrires a sarcastic response to Robredo’s insinuation that Marcos’ supporters are fake and “well-oiled infrastructure”. “I confess i’m a well oiled infrastructure. i use palm oil when frying, olive oil on salad, i consume virgin coconut oil, i have fish oil for vitamins. I am also a Du30 and BBM supporter, i am a real person and not a robot.”

Marie Aqua says that she is not surprised to hear that from Robredo. “It is expected to hear that from a fake vp! Psychological assessment, she is exactly describing her own ‘robot’ suppporters! Nobody believes a cheater! BBM for life here😊”

Jaizen Hintay praises Marcos’ rebuttal. “Hahaha nice rebuttal by the true vp of the philippines… ung ngite ni bbm teasing 😁😁😁 ohhh lugaw wel oiled ba c bolet..”

As of this writing, Marcos’ rebuttal video has garnered 265,000 views, 7,275 reactions and 2,637 shares on Facebook.

Video below.

Episode 8: A "Well-Oiled Infrastructure" (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Posted by Bongbong Marcos on Friday, March 23, 2018

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