Marikina police allegedly punched a reporter for merely doing his job

Reporters assigned at police beat could expect an action-packed shift due to the nature of their work. But a DZRH reporter did expect he will be literally part of an action-packed encounter with the Marikina police.

Marikina police allegedly punched a reporter

According to Edmar Estabillo of DZRH, he was merely asking a favor from SPO2 Manuel Layson if he could look into the police blotter. However, instead of being greeted with an accommodating response from the cop, the latter made a scene and threw a punch to the DZRH reporter. Not satisfied by merely giving the hapless a reporter a couple of punches, he handcuffed the former. You can check out the pic below.

According to the witness, a fellow reporter, the cop was apparently sleeping when the DZRH reporter roused the cop from his sleep. Perhaps, this irritated the cop which led to the scuffle with the innocent reporter.

The witness said that two other Marikina cops namedly PO1 Hermoso and PO2 Lapi harassed the DZRH reporter.

According to the DZRH reporter, SPO2 Manuel Layson of Marikina has a history of mistreating reporters.

Based on the latest update of this story, SPO2 Manuel Layson of Marikina police was relieved of his post.

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