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Martial Law Museum or budget for SpEd? Netizen poses question to noisy Pinklawans criticizing DepEd because SpEd isn’t getting funds in 2022

Alin ba mas importante para sa bayan at mga Pinklawan?

The frustration of the admin of the Luminous FB page is very palpable at noisy Pinklawans piggybacking on the issue of SpEd (Special Education) getting no funds for 2022 from DepEd to take a jab at the concurrent DepEd Secretary and VP Inday Sara.

In a previous FB post, Adrian Pascual, admin of the Luminous, took a swipe at the Pinklawans saying he was hoping those who are making a big fuss on social media regarding the zero budget of DepEd for SpEd will also be taking the lead to demand the transfer of funds appropriated for Martial Law Museum to SpEd instead.

Pascual asked the critics to tell him what is more important to them? Their priorities?

The Luminous FB followers have mixed reactions on Adrian Pascual’s rant versus the Pinklawans but judging by the number of likes generated by the FB post, it is safe to say that majority share the OP’s sentiment.

One person agreed with Adrian Pascual’s suggestion that Pinklawans must use their voice to call for the realignment of the budget for the Martial Museum to SpEd if indeed they are after the country’s welfare.

Dapat yong budget ng martial law museum e realigned nalang sa deped para sped

This sentiment is also echoed by another netizen.

That would be the most sensible thing to do – optimize scarce resources for the basics – agric/food security, educ’n, health, transpo needs/issues, housing, energy woes. Not that useless museum for the political benefit of the very minor, minority.

Defund yang museum tapos ilaan sa SpEd.At least we solved this dilemma chimed in another netizen.

You may now read Adrian Pascual’s original FB post below.

Sa mga nagrereklamo na walang budget para sa SpEd ang DepEd (dahil hindi na aprobahan) sana kayo din kumuda na ilipat na lang doon budget ng Martial Law Museum? So alin ang mas importante sa inyo? Ano priorities ninyo?

Sige nga?


Source: Adrian Pascual

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