“Mas nakakadiri si Pacquiao kay Leni” — Manila Bulletin writer on Manny Pacquiao attacking Duterte

“Mas nakakadiri si Pacquiao kay Leni.”

This is the damning statement of Manila Bulleting writer Krizette Laureta Chu in her latest FB post.

Chu was posting via her FB page named KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair today.

Chu wasted no time in supporting her evaluation of Pacquiao as disgusting more than Leni Robredo.

“Si Leni at least she’s always been Opposition. Pacquiao pretended to be an ally of Duterte—who supported him even he was from Binay’s camp—but now that he wants to be President, he will hit the administration.”

Chu inferred that Pacquiao is stupid for going against President Duterte this early without taking into consideration that Sara Duterte has yet to commit she will run for president in 2022. The chance of President Duterte choosing him as successor is still there.

“Una sa lahat, Sara Duterte has not committed to running so there was still a chance that if she didn’t, and Bong Go proved to be not popular enough, that the President would have chosen him as successor and campaign for him.”

Chu heckled Pacquiao and his team for lack of foresight by attacking PRRD.

“But without looking at the big picture, Pacquiao and his team of stupid ambitious cretins suddenly are attacking Duterte without knowing where the President really stands and without Sara having committed yet.”

“Di man lang maka antay ng September to see if Sara would run. So he could still get the blessing of the President,” Chu remarked.

Chu told Pacquiao to stop having illusions that the anti-Duterte will vote for him because he looks more ‘jologs’ than Duterte.

“As if naman iboboto sya ng mga anti Duterte na matapobre. Mas jologs nga sya kay Duterte, tapos aasa syang makikipag beso beso sa kanya yung mga Titang social climber like Leah Navarro.”


Chu’s post has created quite a buzz on Facebook, generating 3,257 reactions, 243 comments and 97 shares in just an hour and counting.


Source: KLC Happy Thoughts and Cellphone Repair

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