Mas “Nanay Ng Bayan” ang dating – Socmed influencer on senatorial candidate Dr. Minguita Padilla

Did you watch the SMNI Senatorial debate Part 2 last night?

If not, well one of the senatorial applicants who earned the nods of netizens, including social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes is Dr. Minguita Padilla.

In a Facebook post, Reyes declared that she like her.

Reyes went on to use phrases like First Lady-like vibe and more “Nanay ng Bayan” peg based on her first impression to be clear. Though, Reyes admitted she has yet to really know more Dr. Padilla.

Reyes urged her FB followers to share more about Dr. Padilla if they know her well.

Here are the comments of netizens regarding Dr. Padilla.

One netizen commented that Dr. Padilla is an eye doctor.

she knows her craft – eye doc, medyo colorful din ang personal life but I don’t know if she can be a good politician

This is seconded by another netizen.

She’s a good doctor, eye specialist. President of Eye Bank Foundation, a foundation that helps people that needs corneal transplant. She have done so many charity operations for cataract patients. I will vote for her

Another netizen remarked that Dr. Padilla exuded energetic and honorable personality and

i like the personality this woman exudes -the looks of an energetic honorable politician our emerging tiger economy Philippines needed.

Yes i like her too. Better than Trillanes, Gordon, Hontivirus and De Lima.I have 2 Padilla in my Senatorial list, replied another netizen.

You may now read Reyes’ brief FB post below.


Napaka-First Lady-like yung energy. She’s a doctor who is also knowledgeable in many areas.

Her name: Dr. Minguita Padilla. ❤️

Mas “Nanay Ng Bayan” ang dating. Of course, that’s just based on my first impression of her. I’ve yet to really know her more.

To those who know her well, kindly tell us more about her in the comments section. Thanks.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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