Mas scary ka — Manila Bulletin writer’s retort to Barbie Imperial’s tweet reply to Mayor Sara Duterte’s video punching court sheriff goes viral

‘Scary’. That’s the reply tweet of young actress BARBIE @barbieeimperial to the tweet of @MrFrankBaraan, a Dilawan twitter influencer urging his followers to imagine how Sara Duterte would became the next President after watching her old punching a court sheriff.

Krizette Laureta Chu aka KLC of the Manila Bulletin took to Facebook to respond to Barbie Imperial’s tweet: Mas scary ka.

KLC’s brief response elicited laughs among her FB followers, in fact generating 10,000+ laugh emojis out of the 13,000+ reactors.

Netizens, who are apparently supporters of Inday Sara, joined the comment brigade to react to the young actress’ tweet.

Pssst… Ms. Barbie Imperial…. Apparently, you so easily get swayed & fall for these vindictive propaganda generated by your Pink tribe. You seem to be unable to go beyond what is presented to you. Too bad, because then you will never know that the real barbarian & brute that you claim Mayor Sara to be, is in fact, your Yellow Mother turned PINK who has done nothing in the last 6 years but to attempt to DESTROY the current administration without clear and indisputable basis, which she, on hindsight, is actually a part of. Now, isn’t it even more barbaric for one to claim to be “decent” yet move in snake-scheming ways…If you don’t get it, we seriously won’t be surprised( given your intellect).

Another netizen joined the fray and gave Barbie Imperial a lesson that it takes more than just beauty and acting to manage a country.

That’s political will for you little doll! You’d know better if you’ve some brain…. our country will go nowhere if managed by just beauty and acting like yours… get a grip!

I’d prefer a leader punching a sheriff in protection of people than a useless president who would say “Buhay ka pa naman” after going thru a great disaster. Mas scary ang uncaring na president, echoed another netizen.

Another Sara Duterte supporter just shrugged off the video as if it will affect Sara Duterte’s VP bid.

Hahahahaha Mayor Sara is become more popular bcoz of that video 😂😂 you know why? Bco’z I can tell that she loves and care her people more than punching a one man that doesn’t know how to wait & follow the order from the higher office. I will do the same if ever that I need to protect my people. But of course, I need to learn how to control my emotions. 😅😂The good thing about Mayor Sara is, she knows how to accept that bcoz of her anger & emotions that time why she did what she did. She wasn’t proud of what she did & she apologized for that. 💚✨💚✨💚

Ms Barbie Imperial, FYI that is the leader we need! Gone are those days na puro pangako ng disente at daang matuwid. Are you looking at the polls? Sara is the mass’ best bet for VP. Gising dear…chimed another Sara Duterte supporter.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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