Mason member reacts to Manny Pacquiao in Mason shirt: “Do not mar the ranks of good masons in history with your pasikat”

After the Scout Ranger photo of Manny Pacquiao that angered Scout Rangers and the like, Pacquiao is now the object of another angry reaction post for wearing a Mason shirt? Here’s why!

In the FB post with the title, “PREMATURE MASON, akala mo nakatapos!”, 1 dangkal ni JP, apparently a member of the Mason Society took to Facebook to call out Manny Pacquiao for proudly wearing a Mason shirt when he is not yet a full-pledged member. The post joked Pacquiao has not yet finished buying a Masonic lodge and wearing the shirt prematurely might derail it because of arrogance.

“Hoy! Manny, hindi si Miguel Kuto ang highlight ng post mo na ito. Yang suot mong damit! Hindi pa tapos ang pagbili mo ng lohiya- baka maudlot pa sa yabang mo.”

1dangkal explained why he was up in arms looking at Manny Pacquiao in Mason shirt during meet and greet with pal and former ring opponent Miguel Cotto. If Manny thinks he can buy his way to become a full-fledged Mason, 1dangkal said Manny is mistaken because he needs to memorize a lot to earn a Masonic degree.

“Manny, you are just an entered apprentice. Hindi ka 3rd degree mason. O baka iniisip mo na kaya mo rin bilhin yan? Unfortunately Manny, you can buy religion, you can buy a college degree but you need to memorize in order to get a masonic degree.”

1dangkal continued that should Manny Pacquiao applies in clandestine lodges, he doubts Manny can hack it because of the stringent tests an applicant has to hurdle. Buying a Masonic lodge won’t do it either.

“Sa clandestine lodges ka pumasok- kahit doon hindi ka matatanggap kasi kailangan mo pa rin mag memorize- at ang diction, comprehension at proficiency mo ay susukatin… malabong maipasa mo yan kahit bumili ka pa ng lodge.”

1dangkal left a message for Manny Pacquiao – do not blemish the ranks of good masons with your showboating because you are already famous.

“Do not mar the ranks of good masons in history with your pasikat. Sikat ka na.”

1dangkal asked where can we find a mason lodge named after a political party? He offered words of discouragement to Pacquiao – don’t bother because no one will look up to you. He is just a peon and nothing else.

“Mamamayang Pilipino Lodge- saan ka nakahanap ng lodge ng mason na pinangalan sa isang political party. Walang titingala sa iyo. Hindi ka pa KUYANG… kulang ka pa! PEON KA PA LANG DONG!”

Photos not mine. CTTO 1dangkal ni JP


Source: 1dangkal ni JP

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