Mayor Duterte announces he is to file his COC for President on December 10

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced that he is set to file his certificate of candidacy on December 10, 2015 to formalize his entry as PDP-Laban’s official candidate as President in May 2016.

This is it. Duterte is preparing his COC.This is it. Duterte is preparing his COC.

This is it. Duterte is preparing his COC.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte revealed he will substitute Martin Dino, who earlier withdrew his candidacy as PDP-Laban’s bet for the Presidency in 2016.

Martin Dino

Martin Dino

PDP-Laban is prepared to counter any attempts to question the substitution of Duterte in lieu of the withdrawn candidate.

It can be recalled that Martin Dino filed his COC for the mayoralty position in Pasay City. This glitch in Dino’s COC is seen by many experts as a hurdle that could jeopardize Duterte’s candidacy for the Presidency as a substitute.

However, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte maintained that even the Commission on Elections recognizes Dino as a Presidential candidate.

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