Mayor Duterte scores a “major” victory in Tuguegarao, receives blessing from the Arhcbishop

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte visited Tuguegarao to woo their votes, but one of his missions is to woo the archbishop of Tuguegarao and the tough talking Mayor scored an initial victory by having the archbishop on his side.

Archbishop Sergio Utleg of Tuguegarao

Archbishop Sergio Utleg of Tuguegarao

Like a good repentant Catholic, Mayor Duterte made it a point to visit the Archbishop’s residence and ask for an audience with the important occupant there.

Mayor Duterte went straight to the point and wasted no time confessing his sins to the Archbishop in front of the media.

I am the city mayor who took the name of the Pope in vain. I am sorry for that.

The archbishop said he is not in favor of the methods of the Mayor of Davao City in dealing with the criminals, his treatment of women and his cussing but he said, Duterte deserves a chance.

I don’t like what he was saying, especially about the Pope about his actions towards women. I believed it is lack of respect to the dignity of women but I will give it a benefit of the doubt. I think he should be given a chance.

Happy with the warm reception from the archbishop’s residence, Mayor Duterte proceeded to tour around the city to make his presence known before his convoy drove to the direction of the University of Cagayan Valley to meet the students.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte reiterated his previous pronouncements he will eradicate all criminals in front of the appreciative crowd who howled in approval of the Duterte’s speech.

Ang utus ko sa kanila ay ubusin sila, patayin silang lahat. Wala, walang yabang. At kung magtanong ang ombudsman, at magtanoong ang human rights, sabihin nila Duterte. I will assume full responsibility. (My instruction to the policemen is eliminate them, to kill them all. Not being boastful. If the ombudsman will ask questions, if the human rights (CHR), tell them it’s Duterte. I will assume full responsibility.

The crowd laughed and roared in approval of what Duterte promised them.

Tuguegarao is the first city that the camp of Mayor Duterte visited outside Metro Manila. Today, Thursday, Duterte is expected to return to Manila.

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Source: GMA News

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