Mayor Espinosa’s bodyguard squeals on family’s source of great wealth, ‘sings’ to PNP Chief Bato

After vehemently denying his involvement in the illegal drug trade, Mayor Espinosa’s bodyguard who doubles as Kerwins driver, says otherwise and now singing a different tune.

In fact, Mayor Espinosa ran in the May 2016 election under the platform of ridding the sleepy town of Albuera from the menace of illegal drugs.

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Meanwhile, adding more to the woes of Mayor Espinosa, Marcelo Adorco, the former’s bodyguard says that three of the six suspects killed in an encounter with Albuera police were hitmen of Mayor Espinosa.

The information were volunteered by the Mayor’s men to the police in the wake of the caches of high-powered firearms confiscated from the high-walled compound where the Espinosa family resides.

The bodyguard claimed that the high-powered firearms were purchased from a former Marines who remain unidentified as of this writing. Albuera Chief of Police Espinido told Ivan Mayrina that they are still verifying the information.

Two of the suspects identified as Marcelo Adorco and Jose Antepuesto were apprehended earlier during a buy-bust operation. The Albuera police confiscated ‘shabu’ worth 1.9 million pesos from Kerwin Espinosa’s men.

The embarrassing incident forced Mayor Espinosa to go on hiding after five other suspects involved in the buy-bust operation decided to take refuge at the residential compound owned by the family.

Mayor Espinosa disowned the suspects killed outside his house as his men. But the driver contradicted Mayor Espinosa and said he knew 3 of the armed men and named them as Arman, Ricky and Edgar.

The three slain Espinosa men were members of a gun for hire syndicate from Mindanao. Their job is to eliminate anyone the Espinosa’s wanted killed.

One of the suspects was in possession of several ID’s identifying him as the Mayor’s man and a security guard of Zeelan Hotel, a hotel resort owned by Kerwin Espinosa.

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