Mayor in Siquijor went on rampage aboard pickup truck amidst busy public market; mayor’s men accused of mauling bystander

The mayor of Lazi Siquijor is in hot water after a netizen took to Facebook to lodge several complaints against him like physical injury & reckless driving.

Facebook user Tashi Joemar Zangpo uploaded the video of a white pickup truck who was driving recklessly around the town market.

Zangpo summed up what happened in the description that came with the video that reads:

Mayor ng Bayan Lazi Siquijor nagwawala ng sasakyan at nag juramentado, sobrang bilis ng takbo niya, nakakatakot dahil maaring makapatay siya sa bilis ng takbo niya. Sinugod niya ako at gusto kunin ang cellphone ko, sobrang galit niya na kwelyuhan niya ako, ng aking tinanggal kamay niya dun sana lumaban na ako ng biglang nasampal ako sa likod ng mga kasamahan niya sinaktan, pinagsisipa at sinampal pa ako dahil sa pagkuha ko ng Video sa pangyayari at pinagtulungan pa ako ng mga tauhan niya. Hanggang ngayun nasa harap pa siya ng bahay ng kaibigan ko, na parang walang nangyari. Sana makarating ito sa kinauukulan.

Rough translation: ( Mayor of Lazi Siquijor went on juramentado, went on a rampage aboard his vehicle; he was driving so fast that I got scared because he might kill somebody for overspeeding. The mayor rushed towards me and attempted to confiscate my cellphone; he was so mad at me that he grabbed me by the collar. When I tried to free myself from his hold and tried to fight back, someone from behind gave me a slap, kicked me and some more slapped for taking a video of the incident (referring to the Mayor’s reckless driving). His men ganged up on me. Until now, the Mayor is hanging in front of my friend’s house, as if nothing happened. Hope this will reach the authorities.)

Based on the comments in the thread, the mayor allegedly circled around the town market 10 times,  while driving in  alarming speed.

It was not clear when did Tashi Joemar Zangpo decide to record the incident on his camera phone.

But at the beginning of the video, the white pickup truck sped by in front of Tashi.

Then a seconds later, the white pickup truck zoomed past again in front of Tashi before ramming into the side of the town’s public market.

It was unclear if the white pickup hit someone. But people can be seen scampering away to safety after the impact.

A guy in white shirt can be seen approaching the Mayor’s car during the commotion.

In the next seconds, the white pickup truck revved up and drove away but stopped.

The mayor alighted from his vehicle and confronted Tashi Joemar Zangpo and said something to the former. Shortly. the video went dead.

As of the last update posted by Tashi, he said the towns people have adopted him and securing his safety while the Mayor and his men were loitering around where Tashi took refuge in his friends house.

The video has gathered 19,097 views,  595 shares, 88 comments and 404 reactions.

Netizen expressed concern for the safety of the video uploader and told Tashi Joemar Zangpo to take extra steps in securing his safety.

As of this writing, there is no update or a statement from the camp of the mayor of Lazi, Siquijor.

Correction: The person driving the rampaging white pickup truck was James Monte, the new mayor, not as reported earlier.

Update: The Mayor’s camp reached out via the comment section, so it is only fair to publish their side. So here we go.

The video was shot around early evening of February 19, 2017 a Sunday around the vicinity of the town’s public market. He did not drive around town as claimed.

The mayor in fact was already in the vicinity where the video was taken as early as 6a.m. that day as he always is on weekends to himself drive away vehicles that are parked along the road leading to the market. There is a designated, covered parking area inside the public market’s compound but itinerant “for hire” vehicles do not use it and instead chooses to squat it out on the road leading to the market obstructing the flow of delivery and private vehicles doing their market.

The vehicle owners would comply to the mayor’s request to park in the designated parking area but as soon as he is out of sight they would scamper back to the road leading to the public market.

TRAFFIC AND GARBAGE boiling down to the obvious LACK OF DISCIPLINE are the personal advocacy of this mayor. He is a regular fixture in the public market during weekends because of this. He personally leads erring traffic violators to their right parking places and personally supervise the collection of garbage day-round in the area during weekends.

In his less than a year in office, he is getting to be known as a strict disciplinarian who gives no favor to anyone when enforcing what is right and what is for the common good.

His other concern is hygiene in the public market where wet and dry goods are sold. Weekends are the market day of the town’s people and without him manning strictly the place, traffic turns ordinarily to mayhem. Garbage and filth accumulate quickly on the busiest days which are Saturdays and Sundays and he sees the lack of concern among vendors to properly follow the rules. The fact is, BANTAY-SARADO po si mayor pagdating sa kaayusan, disiplina at kalinisan sa aming lugar.

Let all citizens of Lazi attest to this fact: The mayor does not designate people to do the job of garbage collection and traffic discipline in our town but he personally supervises it together with the street sweepers, garbage truck and trash collectors. He does it personally on weekends, days where he is expected to rest and reward himself some private time with family and friends.

TRUTH BE TOLD: The mayor was in the public market as early as 6a.m. on that Sunday, came back around 11 a.m., then 3pm to find the vehicles occupying the road leading to the market again. In his presence, the vehicle owners would kowtow but would scamper back to block the road when the mayor leaves.

Police even asked the mayor on one occasion if they could strike the recalcitrant drivers with truncheons just so they would shape up once and for all but the mayor prevailed upon the use of violence to install discipline in his town.

He came back at 6pm that Sunday to see vehicles parked once again on the road. In a fit of frustration over the unruly behavior of his town mates, he drove around the public market and that is where the video caught him.

If he were for violence he could have rammed into the illegally parked vehicles outside the road leading to the public market or chose to hit people at the height of anger. He did not but instead thrust his vehicle against a table laid out at the side of the public market. It was a table of one market vendor that was not supposed to be there as it was blocking the stairs to where wet goods are sold.

Just who is the uploader of this video? His name is Tashi Joemar Zangpo. Whether it is an authentic account or that he is hiding under an alias, we do not know. Our point here is, is he not a visitor of SP Nono Monte, an LP Board member who is obviously using this video to discredit the only non-LP elected mayor in all of the six towns in Siquijor?

For the information of one and all, this SP member is a retired Navy Officer who opted for early retirement due to a graft case that was to be filed against him while he was in the Navy.

May I also inform the video uploader that his host, SP Nono Monte has two stalls in the public market that are delinquent in the payment of rentals. Is he using his position as incumbent SP member to exempt him from collections of the LGU, funds that are badly needed as part of its local revenue generation efforts?

For the record too, it is just two months into 2017 of intensified campaign of rental collection especially among delinquent payers in the public market but the LGU has already raised 3 Million Pesos where before the monthly collection was a measly half a million pesos. Mayor Monte himself did the personal visit with receipt on hand to the market stalls to collect rental payments.

The video uploader espouses KATAHIMIKAN yet not recognizing that it was the mayor in shorts and ordinary shirt shoved the mayor when they came face to face with each other. The mayor did not punch him but someone else may have because he was shoved by the video uploader.

We cannot prevent this video from spreading like wildfire across social media as much as we cannot prevent people from a personal claim to that elusive 1-minute fame but to the expense of truth, that makes for ignorants all the more ignorant. The act shown in the video was just a splice of the whole story—of mounting displeasure and frustration over the undiscipline of those governed.

We are the people of Lazi. Our most important concern is TRAFFIC, GARBAGE AND LACK OF DISCIPLINE in our town mates. If the video’s ploy is to destroy the good intent and purpose of our mayor who is soft-spoken, very approachable and amiable in person, then you are reporting the less significant. We who are in the know will rally behind our mayor as we share a common concern as our festering problems are realities apart from that of the video owner who is not there to suffer with us what causes us inconvenience and pain on the daily grind.

Credits to video owner


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