Mayor Isko Moreno’s wife triggers Leni Robredo supporters with “internet nga hindi maayos, bansa pa kaya” comment on Facebook

Mayor Isko Domagoso Moreno’s wife has stirred the hornet’s lately on social media when she took a swipe at Leni Robredo whom she said is aspiring to lead the country and solve its problems and yet she cannot even fix her internet connection issues during the KBP-organized forum.

On Facebook, Mrs. Domagoso wrote:

Internet nga hindi maayos, bansa pa kaya. Kumbaga sa class reporting, preparedness is the key para 💯 ang grade ☺️ [Link here]

While her husband’s supporters laugh at the joke, eliciting 2,000 laugh emojis out of 4,300+ reactions, Robredo’s supporters expressed their anger by hitting the ‘angry’ emoji 1,800 times.

Here are some of the comments of the supporters of Isko Moreno.

Very true Mam… considering na sila pa ang merong resources sa ngayon! Ano ba yarn🤣🤣

May kasibihan nga tayo pag ayaw marami dahilan pag gusto marami paraan.🤣

Dami dada… kulang sa gawa. Thats why… i will vote for the candidate who has the most verifiable accomplishments…alam na this Isko has the most accomplishments.

Meanwhile on Twitter, Robredo’s supporters responded in kind, criticizing Mayor Isko’s inability to fix the problems of the City of Manila.

A certain @ 13thFool invited the Manila 1st Lady for a free tour in Ermita to show her that Isko failed to fix Manila either.

@Rucki31 jumped in and said you don’t need to go very far by visiting the underpass in Lawton to see the proof how Isko failed to fix his city.

@glenncruz borrowed the logic of Mrs. Domagoso to throw shade at Mayor Isko.


Source: Twitter

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