Mayor Sara Duterte demands public apology from Ramon Tulfo for peddling wild conjectures, lies, intrigues & chismis in Philippine Star article

Sa buhay ninyo huwag niyo hayaan na kayo ay bastusin dahil sa edad, kasarian o paniniwala. Wag niyo payagan na kayo ay Tulfohin.

This is essentially the message of Mayor Sara Duterte to the public in reaction to the Philippine Star article entitled “PLAN C” written by Ramon Tulfo in his column SENTINEL.

The Davao City Mayor was fuming with anger in her Facebook post because the article penned by Ramon Tulfo betrayed how Philippine Star values it credibility and integrity as one of the country’s leading sources of information.

At face value, the Davao City Mayor said it’s not very hard to know that Mr. Tulfo, was peddling wild conjectures, lies, intrigues and chismis in the PLAN C article, which she said was based merely on hearsay.

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte even counted the number of paragraphs that comprise Tulfo’s “PLAN C” article and pinpointed 7 of the paragraphs as devoted to pure chismis about her, President Duterte and Senator Bong Go.

Mayor Inday Sara went on to share the 7 paragraphs she identified as pure chismis as captured in the graphics below.

The rest of Tulfo’s article, Mayor Inday Sara described were nothing but unimportant, given or another load of hogwash and rehashed untruths we’ve heard before.

“PLAN C” was described by Mayor Inday Sara Duterte as stitched by someone that no self-respecting individual – much more a member of the media – should find inspiration from.

The Davao City Mayor remarked that Tulfo’s article does not deserved a space in the main pages of the Philippine Star unless the newspaper company is a rumormonger publication or a tabloid that serves people like Mr. Tulfo.

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte said she deserved an apology, however, she was not expecting.

On her official FB page, Mayor Inday Sara Duterte went on to share the screen-grabbed photo bannering her earlier statement castigating Ramon Tulfo.

In the FB post, Mayor Inday Sara Duterte confessed that in her political career, she had encountered many men cut from the same cloth with Ramon Tulfo, who looked at women like they don’t think and based their actions and speak according to one’s emotions. These men, Mayor Inday Sara said are rude and judgmental.

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte ended the FB post with a message to the public – don’t allow yourselves to be victims of Tulfo’s antics. Not the exact translation but you get the gist, right?

Here’s Inday Sara Duterte’s very viral FB post below.

Magandang Araw sa inyong lahat.

Nandun na tayo na karamihan sa atin ay Marites pero yung isusulat ang CHISMIS at ipapalabas na ito ay totoong nangyari ay nakaka lalaki na.

Sa aking karera sa pulitika marami na ako nakasalamuha na lalaki na tulad ni Tulfo, yung paningin sa mga babae ay hindi nag iisip at ibinabase ang galaw at pananalita sa nararamdaman lamang. Mga lalaking bastos at mapanghusga.

Sa buhay ninyo huwag niyo hayaan na kayo ay bastusin dahil sa edad, kasarian o paniniwala. Wag niyo payagan na kayo ay Tulfohin.

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Source: Mayor Inday Sara Duterte

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