Mayor Sara Duterte’s friend put forward a brilliant proposal how BBM and Go supporters can achieve peace & prevent an Isko or Leni win

In the midst of the bickering between the Marcos-Sara supporters and the Bong Go faction of the DDS, Mayor Sara Duterte’s friend and San Beda classmate, Atty. Bruce Rivera has an important message for both camps.

In the Facebook post, Atty. earnestly appealed to the supporters of both camps to unite and they must meet a middle ground to prevent self-implosion of DDS and allow Isko or Leni to pull off a come from behind victory in the 2022 polls.

Atty. Rivera asserted that in order for the supporters of both camps to achieve peace, they must abide by 4 conditions to prevent Isko or Leni to win over BBM or Go.

You may now read Atty. Rivera’s full FB post below.


To be honest, people like me are in eternal damnation. My support for Inday Sara has placed me in a predicament of neither here nor there. But the reality is, I am a Saraholic so I am supporting BBM.

Naturally, BBM supporters are ready to adopt me and BG supporters have openly bashed me. Yes, the comments are vile.

But at the end of the day, let me tell the bashers, words only affect me if made by people I love. The rest will die trying.

Before I digress, let me just tell you there is a way for all of us to meet halfway so we will not self-implode and allow Isko or Leni to snake their way to victory.

First, leave PRD out of it. Prangkahan na. PRD has nothing to do with BG and BBM kasi magkaiba sila. BG will never be an extension. Inday Sara will never be an extension. They are all different people with different minds. Look at each individual from a person oriented viewpoint and judge them from that. Why? Because it is an argument that has no end. Sara will always be the daughter and BG will always be the endorsed. And if you also judge PRD in his choice, you will open another can of worms.

Second, avoid the “control” argument. Both sides are paranoid. BG supporters insists that Inday Sara was controlled by BBM to be his Vice. BBM supporters think BG has controlled PRD to endorse him. Clearly, you are watching to many telenovelas. Just assume this: father and daughter are fiercely independent leaders. If they cant control each other, good luck to the mere mortals.

Third, let go of the freakin past. Do not use history to create fear. To BG suppporters, do not use the conjugal dictatorship as a way to dissuade voters because BBM is not FM. Period. To the BBM supporters, do not force non believers to believe that everything is good and rosy during the Marcos regime. Do not force the issue. That will not help the argument in BBM’s favor because he is just the son magkaiba po sila. If people do not believe, let it go. Focus on the now and here. The reason we hold elections every six years is because our need changes so our leaders should not be the same. That is the reason for the 1987 Constitution. We do not want a repeat of Ferdinand’s 22 year regime so we elect new leaders every 6 years. So, BG or Sara are NOT PRD extension and BBM is not FM revitalized.

Lastly, and this is the most important. BBM or BG is not the worst enemy. So if you exclude one and vote for neither, you will risk electing the real enemy.

In the Garden of Eden, many think the snake or the apple was the enemy. But it was the Devil who used both Adam and Eve’s frailty to commit sin.

Tigilan niyo na ang kabaliwan na ito.


Source: Bruce Rivera

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