Medical volunteer recalls when Duterte visited evacuation center in Marawi: When he spoke, I cried a bit

On June 26, 2017, Carlos Celdran asked his followers if Duterte was in coma again after he has been missing in public for six straight.

“President Duterte has been out of sight for six days straight. Coma again? Narnia nanaman? Or something is totally up. Why can’t he be straightforward about his health or be accountable for his absences? It’s our legal right to know about his health. It really is.”

The following day, medical volunteer Kezia Lorraine Rosario was feeling a bit emotional on Facebook while recalling the day President Duterte visited the evacuation center in Marawi several days before Celdran went looking for Duterte.

Credits to Kezia Rosario

Kezia wrote: “President Duterte visited the evacuation center we were manning several days ago. There was no fanfare – no welcoming party, no tarpuelin, no snacks and food even, no crowd. We were just all crammed into this one makeshift tent. All cabinet members and generals were there too. But the center stage belonged to the evacuees. They were seated well. While some of the dignitaries and high-ranking officials were standing and cramming in the corners. And it remained very simple. I love how different the event was from other political visits I have ever witnessed. When he spoke, I cried a bit. He spoke with strong conviction and sincerity. He was genuine with his vision for peace and love of country. #mypresident #helpmarawi #dttbdiaries #medicalresponder”

She ended the post by explicitly telling the public to share the post but in one condition – don’t use it in creating more division among Filipinos.

PS. I’m allowing you to share this. But do not share this to cause more divide. This post was written out of admiration of a good experience. It was not done to prove anything right, or to take political sides, or disprove ‘haters’. #respect

As of this writing, the post has gathered 6,564 shares, 15,00 reactions and 868 comments on Facebook.

Let us read the reaction of social media below.

Claire Marcelo wrote: “That’s our President down to earth person he loves his countrymen especially the needy I’m proud that he is our president.”

Reynaldo Soria remarked: “His sincerity and genuine love of the Filipinos and the country as whole win the hearts of the masses and this is why I love President Duderte. I know that with the millions that love I am but a drop of water in an ocean and he don’t know me still I love him because he loves us.”

Virginia Najos-Bonje commented: “That’s Duterte’s brand of leadership – low key, low profile. When he was our mayor in Davao, he refused to put his name on streets and parks because he said he was still alive and the projects were sourced from taxpayers. When the city converted the formerly PTA stadium, DavaoeƱos wanted it to be named Duterte’s Park but the mayor said no. Nagpa contest siya on suggestions to name the park. It’s now called PEOPLES PARK.”

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