Medyo mababaw, medyo ma-showbiz lang ang pinangangalandakang interview ni Ms. Soho — Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles of Luminous

In the wake of the official statement of GMA News praising “The Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews” as special that set the bar high for future elections, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles of the Luminous can’t help but burst the bubble of GMA News in its latest FB post.

Atty. Trixie opened by defining the word ‘HYPE’ to give readers a hint the direction her post is heading to.

Atty. Trixie wrote that the succeeding presidential interviews exposed the disappointing quality of the highly touted “Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews” describing it kind of shallow and showbiz. In other words, GMA News statement giving Jessica Soho show was nothing but borne out of necessity for damage control purposes.

Atty. Trixie gave the highly touted “Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews” the benefit of the doubt, saying the disappointing quality of the said election special can partly be blamed for the program’s format – squeezing four presidential aspirants into one program.

Of course, Atty. Trixie cited additional factors that disappointed a lot of netizens of how the”Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews” panned out by coming up with ‘jolog’ and stale questions, no educational aspect and lastly, did not add new information about the candidate.

Here are some of the comments of netizens below.

Boy Abunda’s interview was much better and was done professionally and the responses from BBM was very impressive and convincing. Questions asked was well researched and not like Jessica Soho’s interview was like a game show for kindergarten. Soho’s interview was the talk of the town because it was rejected by BBM. Napahiya si Jessica Soho and GMA. BBM have learned his lesson to PICK HIS OWN BATTLE!

Pathetic naman ng claim nyong yan GMA Network! Wala ng puwang yng mga pabebe questions nyong yan! Goodness!

It only goes to show how the big networks think of their audiences…shallow. Sigh!🙄

I believe of what professor CLARITA CARLOS SAID, that it was a waste of time watching the Sojo interview it was like a high school slam book.. but the best interview was by MR BOY abunda.


1. (noun) extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion.

2. (verb) promote or publicize (a product or idea) intensively, often exaggerating its importance or benefits.

Parang naipakita ng mga sumunod na interview na medyo mababaw, medyo ma-showbiz lang ang pinangangalandakang interview ni Ms. Soho.

Marahil dahil ito sa format nya na siniksik ang apat na kandidato sa isang programa. Pero damay na rin ang medyo baduy na mga tanong. Wala masyadong bago. Walang impormasyon na nauwi sa audience. Walang educational aspect at ni hindi nadagdagan ang kaalaman natin tunkol sa kandidato.

So kahit ano pang sigaw ni Ms. Soho na magaling ang programa nya… We know better.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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