Memes portraying BBM as fast food worker/gasoline boy from anti-Marcos group draw flak from pro-Marcos, anti-Marcos and pro-Leni bloggers

Either mahina lang talaga IQ ng mga nasa kabila o sadyang ang sasama lang talaga ng ugali.

This is essentially the reaction of social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes to the memes being passed around by anti-Marcos forces on Facebook and Twitter making fun of BBM by showing him wearing different hats from being a fast food crew, an LBC agent, a 711 cashier and finally, a gasoline boy.

The memes came out a day after BBM skipped the KBP-organized forum to cook for Korina Sanchez as soon as his one-one-one interview with the TV host wrapped up.

Reyes wrote: Mocking BBM by calling him a fast food crew is tantamount to insulting our fast food workers. Tsk!

Political blogger Miyako Izabel, a known Robredo supporter, was seething with anger at fellow Kakampinks for failing to see the folly of their action. She argued that making fun at BBM as fast food crew is the same as making fun of the fast food workers. Izabel reminded them that there are cooks and crews out who are still not Kakampink. In other words, instead of helping Leni’s cause, they are doing a huge disservice to Robredo’s quest for Malacanang.

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu expressed her thoughts on Miyako Izabel’s observation.

Tama si Miyako. Sya nalang gawin nyong strategist mas may alam pa.

Here are the comments of netizens from the FB thread of MJ Quiambao Reyes.

Exactly! I don’t understand why they use being a service worker as an insult.

Personal attack is actually a form of defeat in a debate. They have so much hate. Nakakaawa. Desperate moves for desperate people.

That’s why their survey rating is going down. There’s nothing wrong with fastfood crew but if you are BOBO and TANGA and you are a lawyer and VP that’s a disaster.

Lalo ng nawalan ng boto from the fastfood crew and gas station employees tsk. How dumb can they get..iniinsulto nila yung nasa laylayan instead na ligawan para sa boto


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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