Mga hipokritong frog — Jay Sonza on calls from Marcos critics to cancel Toni Gonzaga after Bongbong Marcos interview

Cancelled? What?! This is the initial reaction of retired broadcaster Jay Sonza on Toni Gonzaga’s revelation that for the last 20 years of her life, she has been cancelled by her critics.

So on calls from angry wokes to cancel her following the Bongbong Marcos interview, Toni Gonzaga said that to be cancelled is not painful to her because she does not cancel herself.

Moving forward, Sonza remarked that for someone like Toni Gonzaga with millions of subscribers (YouTube) the 3% of society unfollowing her is not a huge loss. Sonza predicted that 16M new subscribers worldwide will replace the 3% who unfollowed her channel.

She has 4,080,000 subscriber. Hindi magiging kawalan kay Celestine ang more or less 12k na members of the “Societe3%.” It can well be replaced by some 16,000,000 new followers worldwide.

Cancelled? What?! Sonza asked again.

Sonza ended the brief FB post by calling those who are waging a cancel campaign against Toni Gonzaga bunches of hypocrites.

Your opinion on TONI GONZAGA is a true reflection of your own true character. Mga hipokritong frog.

Let us head to the comment section and read the feedback from netizens.

Go Toni! We can see their true colors 🎗️. Nung si Leni na interview tahimik lang. At least behave Ang DDS and Marcos loyalist. Nung si BBM na, iyak sila? At pinaglalaban pa nila Nyan freedom of speech ah. Wow. Nakakahiya naman. Paano pag pag si PRRD na yan? Or si Sara? Ayoko na mag tell..

The interview is about a son admiring his father, what’s wrong with that? 🤦😅

Ang talino kasi ni Bongbong sa interview. Makikita mo saka mabait. Andami nagkagusto sa interview na un kaya si Toni Celestine Gonzaga-Soriano na lang ang kanilang napagdiskitahan ng mga pa wokes na Dilawan. Paano ung pambato nila na si Leni, wala binatbat hahaha.🤣 Bongbong speaks the truth makikita mo sa interview. Kaya galit na galit sila kasi di nila matanggap na mali sila ng pinaniwalaan.Mga BOBO naniwala sa mga artista. Kadire.

I never followed her social media until now with the BBM interview. Can’t wait for her interview with Imelda Marcos.

As I watch the interview of Miss Toni G to BBM, I don’t say na mayroon problema doon. It was a wholesome interview.

When BBM said, thank you for taking the trouble.. You knew what he meant.. 😁 but toni knows how to handle it.

I believe in you Toni go forward ❤️ lovely day they will angry because you are right

Toni you’re so loved and admired,, just be your self, just the way you are. Support what is best for this our only beloved country.


Source: Jay Sonza

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