“Mga kapwa abogado man sana pero mga sira ul0! ” —Netizen on Senators Franklin Drilon and Kiko Pangilinan

Senator Drilon called the vaccination of members of the PSG “illegal” and Senator Pangilinan asked about the motives.

Staunch Duterte supporter and Davao resident Monching Lumantas can’t help but made the remarks, “Mga kapwa abogado man sana pero mga sira ulo! “

Out of respect of the Senators, Lumantas said the PSG is actually taking a RISK, they are putting their lives on the line to protect the President.

Lumantas added that the PSG was left with no choice but to get the vaccine shots in their earnest desire to uphold one’s sworn duty to protect the President, even if it means dying for being injected and inoculated by an unregistered and unauthorized vaccine.

“The PSG has no choice. They are willing to die for being injected and inoculated by an unregistered and unauthorized drug for COVID 19.”

Lumantas compared the PSGs to guinea pigs and lambs offered as sacrifices in pursuit of finding the perfect cure to save humanity. In case they die because of serious side effects, they can be easily replaced anytime… not the President.

“They are like guinea pigs and sacrificial lambs in the creation of a perfect cure for this dreaded disease. If they succumb to death because of some serious side effects, they can be replaced anytime….not the President.”

Lumantas called the PSG the ‘bubble shield’ because their job description requires them to take the assassin’s bullet in the event of an attempt of the President’s life.

“These brave men and women serve as a ‘bubble shield’ because they are the only ones who can come close to the President and violate physical distancing in this pandemic. They dive and cover the body of the President and absorb a bullet in an assassination attempt, God forbid.”

Lumantas asked the critics to shut up and be thankful our soldiers willing to sacrifice their lives. Otherwise, fall in line for immediate vaccinate and volunteer.

“So, to all the critics out there, please do not complain. You should be thankful and proud of our soldiers for sacrificing their lives. If you cannot keep your mouths shut, better fall in line right now for immediate vaccination and volunteer.”

Lumantas ended the FB post with an emphatic message to the critics who would answer his dare to volunteer as “guinea pigs”.

“If you become pigs, dogs, monkeys and alligators…we don’t care! “

#JustShutUp #LiberalsSuck

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Posted by Monching Lumantas on Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Source: Monching Lumantas

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