MIAA chief admits additional CCTV’s is coming, but the price is just unbelievable

One of the reasons why ‘tanim-bala’ modus was so successful in the last two decades is the lack of CCTV cameras in strategic locations in our airport terminals.

If not for the series of ‘tanim-bala’ incidents in the NAIA that was first exposed in the social media, the lack of such security feature would have gone unreported until now.

But as a result of the various investigations conducted to ferret out the truth behind the ‘tanim-bala’ scam, one of the most glaring flaw in our airport terminals is the fact that our airport is like a blind man with no eyes to see what is going on around its environment. This promotes criminals masquerading as airport employees to enrich themselves using their position.

If ‘tanim-bala’ modus makes your blood boil while watching the news on TV about an old woman being handcuffed after she was allegedly found in possession of a bullet which many netizens believed was merely planted, the discovery made by Senator Marcos about a much bigger corruption scandal in the NAIA would definitely make your blood pressure to shoot up after watching this video. Why?

MIAA chief admits additional CCTV’s is coming, but the price is just unbelievable

During the Senate investigation on ‘tanim-bala’, Sen. Bongbong Marcos grilled MIAA GM Jose Angel Honrado and he admitted that they are in the process of installing more CCTV’s as a good countermeasure to the ‘tanim-bala’ modus.

But here’s the part that would make every taxpayers go ballistic once they hear this – Pnoy’s cousin is planning to install 700 additional CCTV’s at the cost of almost one million pesos each. Wow!

You gotta watch this video to see how corrupt the Pnoy government is but no one in the mainstream video dares to call him corrupt.

Presyo ng bawat isang CCTV sa NAIA mahigit kumulang isang milyon, gold ba? Sen. Bongbong Marcos ginisa ang manager ng NAIA na si Honrado.#BongbongMarcos #MyVP #BBM2016 #TheViceWatch and Share.Like our page for more updates.Credit to the owner.~angel~

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