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Miffed Teddy Casiño sends strong message to DDS bloggers Krizette Chu & others: “You have a beef with me, stick with me”

A miffed Teddy Casiño of Bayan Muna has taken to Facebook to respond to criticisms from DDS bloggers like Krizette Chu, Arleen Medina and many others who he said resented the fact that his sons studies in La Salle GH.

Casiño opened the letter by telling critics that he alone cannot afford to send his sons to LSGH but someone generous pay for his sons tuition because the/she believes his sons deserve the same education he got.

On suggestion that Casiño sends his sons to Lumad school, he said that kind of stupid since his sons are not lumad and they don’t live in Mindanao.

On critics saying that Casiño should also recruit his sons to be activists like him, the former Bayan Muna Representative responded that his sons are too young for that stuff and besides, that’s not his style and he believes in giving his sons the freedom to do decide their paths in life to take.

Lastly, Casiño asked the DDS bloggers to take down the photos of his children and wife on social media. If they have a beef with him, stick to him.

You may read Teddy Casiño full FB post below.

To Krizette Laureta Chu, Arleen Medina, and others who resent the fact that one of my sons studies in La Salle Green Hills:

This is going to be short. I have much more important things to do.

1. By myself, I cannot afford to send my son to LSGH. The only reason he is there is because someone who believes my son deserves the same education I got is footing the bill.

Some of you say I should send my sons to a lumad school in Mindanao. But they are not lumad. And we don’t live in Mindanao. So that would be kinda stupid.

2. My sons are not activists. Not yet. They are only 11 and 16. I was exposed to social issues in LSGH and became an activist only upon entering UP at 18.

But that’s me. My sons are free to decide what they want to do with their lives. That is for them, not me, to decide.

We activists understand that one’s consciousness is a product of one’s social experience. I went through a different experience from my sons and so they may or may not share my political views. I simply can’t force my beliefs on them. All I can do is be a good example, a caring and understanding parent who provides for their needs and gives good advice.

3. Activists come in all shapes and sizes. Many like me start as student activists. Some continue their activism in trade unions. Others in farmers associations. Others in human rights advocacy. And some go to the hills to take up armed struggle.

There are rich activists, middle class activists (that’s me), and activists from the basic sectors. Just because an activist sends his kids to a good school doesn’t make him any less an activist as the others.

Some of you are calling me a hypocrite and ”fake” communist because me and my sons are not NPA fighters. Would you rather that we become NPAs and “genuine” communists? Yeah, right.

4. Lastly, please take down your posts with my son and wife’s pictures. Don’t use my family to get back at me. By ridiculing their pictures and posts in your social media accounts, you are putting them in danger of being bullied online or even physically harmed. They are private persons. You have a beef with me, stick with me.

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