Proof: Militant leaders deny starting the clash with riot police that led to violent dispersal, but a video analysis shows otherwise

Militant leaders denied starting the clash with riot police that led to the violent dispersal in TV interviews, but a video analysis shows otherwise.

The Facebook page “Flippinflips” shared an intriguing video to debunk the claim of the militants that their ranks are free from any culpability.

In the video, the video editor called the attention of the public to take a closer look at the person of interest, who blended in with the crowd of protesters before the mayhem broke loose.

The video shows our person of interest was the instigator that the police investigator should circle in to get to the bottom before the violent dispersal started.

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At the beginning of the video, the person of interest in striped long sleeve shirt and red undergarment shirt, snuck in to retrieve the police shield on the ground, then hurled it at the riot police.

Our person of interest, then retreated and disappeared temporarily from the video screen, only to return and strike the driver’s seat window with a stone in full force that the impact left a white mark on the glass window.

Our person of interest, the instigator, calmly walked away like a pro and mingled with the crowd.

According to Flippinflips, what transpired next can be explained by the fight or flight phenomenon. This explains the frame of mind PO3 Franklin Kho was in after the person of interest struck the police mobile with a hard object with the intent to harm.

Flippinflips dropped a link in the comment section of the thread, urging the readers to read a research journal on “Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management”, a study dwelling on the matter. Please do check this out!

Video below:

Lalaking Bumato kay Kho

Bagong HD slow motion version ng Kho video.
Para makilala nating lahat ang huling lalaki na namato kay Kho,
at ang dahilan kung bakit nag-black out or nag-panic si Kho.

Posted by Flippinflips on Saturday, October 22, 2016

In fairness to the militant leaders who went there with good intention, that cannot be said to a few people who went there with a different plan – to instigate trouble and embarrass President Duterte.

What do you think about this?

Credits to Flippinflips

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