Millennial debunks 10 most common myths regarding Martial law, Marcos and Aquino in viral Facebook post

Some millennials today, not all, have strong opinion versus Martial Law and President Marcos and consider the Aquinos as God’s gift to Philippine democracy.

It’s easy to spot these millennials by looking at their Twitter and Facebook posts.

Generally speaking, they share with fervor so-called facts about the evil of Martial law and the excesses of the Marcoses.

Fed up seeing too much twisted facts mushrooming online, millennial Josh Gonzales decided to buckle down and wrote a Facebook post to educate fellow millennials about Marcos, Aquino and Martial Law.

In the Facebook post, Gonzales debunked the 10 most common myths found online regarding President Marcos and Martial Law. In addition, Gonzales also tackled the myths surrounding the Aquinos.

Check out Josh Gonzales full FB post below.


Just for history kids. I’m too fed up of TOO MUCH twisted “””facts””” surfacing online, and I guess you guys have the right to know as much as I do.

1. Marcos is NOT the best president ever. There are economic crisis during his time.

2. CPP-NPA and other communist-terrorist was the reason of Martial Law, and not Marcos being thirsty for power

3. People’s Power Revolution didn’t put an end to Martial Law, Martial Law ended in 1981 when all the leaders of communist-terrorist group was caught but they were later freed by Cory idk

4. Without Martial Law, we could’ve been a communist group like Cuba, North Korea, or China. The NPA personally admitted that they bombed public places, buildings and establishments, even parts of the government, stole government-owned weapons, bombed plaza miranda which gave way for suspension of habeas corpus that led to Martial Law just to gain recognition from Mao Zedong and they did, in fact a ship MV Karagatan which contains Military Aid from China was seized an caught.

5. Martial Law had thousands of reported abuses and murders but majority of reports pinpoints the Philippine Constabulary which led by Fidel Ramos and he himself admitted that the police and military received orders from its chief and not just from the President and Fidel was the chief that time. It means the abuses MAY or MAY NOT came from Marcos, but from Fidel Ramos. But since he accomplice with Cory, he even became a president after her.

6. Martial Law was legal. Before coming up with it, Marcos consulted his Rolex 12 which composed of people from Philippine Constabulary, Philippine Air Force, National Defense, Armed Forces Of The Philippines, Philippine Navy, Philippine Army, and National Intelligence Security Authority.

7. Marcoses have unexplainable ILL GOTTEN WEALTH that even the PCGG, an agency designated to recover those ill gotten wealth of Marcoses failed to fully recover. In fact, they filed a case against Marcoses in front of the US Supreme Court, and out of 900+ cases they filed, they won nothing. Literally 900 cases were won by Imelda Marcos with just documents in hand.

8. Marcos allegedly begged Cory Aquino during his exile in Hawaii to let him be buried beside his mother and he’ll personally give the 90% of his wealth to the Filipino people. Cory refused.

9. Marcos won the 1985 SNAP Election, even the Supreme Court approved it.

10. Cory Aquino is an ILLEGITIMATE President. When Marcos got taken out of the office/stepped down of the office, the prevailing constitution that time was the 1973 Constitution which says the VP will take over once the President got ousted or he himself resigned. The VP that time was Arturo Tolentino, the supposed to be president. However, Cory TOOK the seat instead of Tolentino and declared revolutionary government.

As a result, the 1973 constitution, the parliament, and even the Supreme Court which recognized her take over as inappropriate and extra constitutional were all abolished. Hence, Tolentino failed to take the seat constitutionally for him.

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