Mindanaoan and staunch Duterte microblogger says despite PRRD’s endorsement, I DON’T SUPPORT Bong Go. Here’s why!

While ordinary diehard Duterte supporters are also torn between BBM and Bong Go as their presidential choice, the pro-Duterte bloggers, socmed influencers and microbloggers are also split into half. Half of them are sticking with Go simply because they trust PRRD’s judgment.

Tio Moreno aka AllWrite is not going that route though.

In a Facebook post, Moreno aka AllWrite is all out support for BBM and explained his reasons why, despite defending PRRD in so many issues, he is not supporting Go’s presidential bid.

You may now read AllWrite’s original FB post below.


Just because I supported President Rody Duterte doesn’t mean I support everyone under his administration.

I despise PNP Chief Debold Sinas’ reckless behavior.

I absolutely loathe how DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III handles the pandemic.

I called out Mocha Uson’s illogical remarks on certain issues.

I have been a vocal critic of PCOO too.

If you’ve been following my personal account, you’ll notice that I publicly condemned these people.

Despite PRRD’s endorsement, I DON’T SUPPORT Bong Go.

Here’s why:

(i) Bong Go lacks the qualities that I believe make someone deserving of the presidency: political will, experience, and firm decision making.

(ii) Bong Go was only known as PRRD’s right hand. He hasn’t done much for the country that we can use to get him our votes.

No amount of propaganda can change our minds. Not even the ‘election’ opinion or own bet of our current president.

Here’s how netizens react to AllWrite’s FB post.

We need a leader who will stand and keep on standing for the Filipinos kahit ano man ang ibato sa kanya. Hinde yung basta iiyak na lang at magsusumbong.PRRD is a good example on how he managed criticisms from oppositions using local and foreign media. Duterte continue to work and deliver services to improve lives of the Filipinos.BBM continue standing for his family. For a redemption story. He was a governor of Ilocos and truly loved by his people. I truly admire a person who stand for his family kase ganyan ang normal na tao at iilan lang ang nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na maging President gaya ni Digong.I’m leaning towards BBM.

right on point. i dont see BG’s political will away from PRRD. if we hate leni for being a (seemingly) “puppet” of the dilawans, we should do the same for BG who cant distance himself from PRRD. we need a leader who can stand and with own principle apart from his/her party.

Aba! May mga friends ako na undecided pa last week but after PRRD’s statement BBM na daw sila.So yun iba na “hater” ni PRRD imbes na iboto ang iba will most likely vote for BBM.Ang galing! 😅That’s just my observation, yun pro Leni na naging BBM na simply because he hate PRRD and wala daw chance manalo si Leni at galit daw sya kay PRRD kaya si BBM na ang iboboto dahil mas bigger chance na manalo.I’m not sure if this is still part of a game, a strategy pero mukhang mas lalo lang lumalakas si BBM. 😍#MarcosPaRin


Source: AllWrite

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