Mindanaoan microblogger Tio Moreno says BBM-Sara 2022 more stressful for Dilawans. Read why!

Amid the shock and awe political maneuvers from the Duterte camp that left the heads of the Duterte supporters and the Opposition spinning until now, microblogger and Tiktoker Tio Moreno wanted to add more to the state of confusion among the members of the Opposition with his own theory what will come out of yesterday’s blitzkrieg from the Dutertes.

In case you missed it, President Duterte announced his retirement from politics while accompanying his long-time aide Senator Bong Go to Sofitel, to file his candidacy for vice president in next year’s polls.

While the Duterte supporters, the Opposition and the public are still in shock, Sara Duterte also filed her candidacy for re-election as mayor of Davao City.

If you are sad because of the recent developments, Mindanaoan microblogger Tio Moreno took to Facebook to tell you not to lose hope because like in 2015, there is a plot twist the Dutertes are cooking for the yellows.

You may read Moreno’s full FB post below now.

The Dutertes are so devoted to Davao that they previously declared that only one Duterte could run for a national office because someone had to stay in Davao.

Just today, the father decided to leave politics. This means the daughter will run, but with a twist: Mayor Inday Sara Duterte files a COC for reelection as Mayor of Davao. What’s the next step? We’re all in the dark.

The yellows are now rejoicing.

They were unaware that Bongbong Marcos recently declared his intention to run for president but is willing to serve as Vice President if Sara does. Given the current situation, BBM has the upper hand.

Wait a minute, Sen. Bong Go just filed his COC as a VP under the PDP.

Does this imply a collaboration between BBM and Bong Go? (Bong-Bong)

Of course, Bong Go is loyal to the Dutertes so there’s a big possibility that he will give up his VP race and give it to Sara.

Hence, BBM for President; Sara for Vice President. If this tandem wins the 2022 elections, there’s a big chance that Sara will run as president in the next national elections. What a journey!

Ngayon, ma stress kayo mga dilawan 🤣🤣

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Source: Tio Moreno

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