MindaVote blogger Carlos Munda says issues like Poe vs Tugade & lately Magalong vs Albayalde “demolition jobs” by people with 2022 ambitions?

While the public are crucifying PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde after his name was dragged into the “ninja cops” controversy, a Facebook post asking the public to use reason not their emotion in reaction to the various controversies hounding the President’s men.

In the Facebook post published today, 10 October 2019, Carlos Munda of the FB Page MindaVote compared the black propaganda attacks versus the Duterte government officials to a tree wherein its bark is being peeled off and caused its gradual death.

Munda said that’s how he looked at the strategy being implemented by the people who wants to replace PRRD in 2022. Munda said the political enemies of the President know that they cannot take down PRRD if they fight him directly. That is why they are targeting the people close to him or his allies with black propaganda attacks.

First, Grace Poe used the traffic issue and emergency powers to attack Sec. Art Tugade and to make the public see through Tugade that the Duterte admin is a failure in solving the traffic problem.

Next, Lacson attacked Speaker Cayetano and PRRD’s allies in Congress. Munda said Lacson suddenly claimed he had information allegedly from an informant that there are billions of pesos as pork barrel in the national budget granted by Malacanang and approved by Congress.

Third was the GCTA issue, a law passed and signed during the previous administration, which Drilon used in destroying the credibility of Faeldon.

And now, the greatest demolition job is versus the PNP wherein we can see the deliberate and organized effort to stampede the public into jumping conclusion. From the senate  hearings to the media, the messaging is consistent – because Albayalde is guilty, therefore there must be something wrong with PRRD’s war on drugs.

Munda clarified he is not saying that all President Duterte’s men are saints and not without any sins. Munda said he is not suggesting there should be no investigation and more so, he is not saying that we should condone their wrongdoings, especially if it is proven they are indeed guilty as charged.

Munda cautioned the public not to believe everything that they have heard but to look at the real motives of the people behind the investigations at exposes being hurled versus PRRD’s men and asking questions like, “Is there a personal ambition of the people behind the attacks? Is this for the country or for their personal interest, disguise as patriotic duty?”

Munda stated that 2022 is fast approaching. The minds of those who want to be president are focused on one thing – how to look good to the Filipino people. Unfortunately for many of them, especially those who have no achievements to speak of, they can only make themselves look bigger and better by tearing other people down.  These are then people that we should watch out and not vote for them in 2022.

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