MJ Reyes says President Duterte’s lowest trust|approval ratings already predecessors highest ratings

According to the latest survey from an unknown entity named RPMDinc, President Duterte’s approval rating and trust rating is of 77 percent and 72 percent respectively in the NCR.

The survey was conducted from July 3 to 10 with 3,500 respondents. [Manila Times]

On that note, the critics of President Duterte were quick to celebrate for what they considered as a little victory of sorts for their efforts in pulling down the President’s rating less than a year before the 2022 election.

However, if you ask the staunch Duterte supporter and international commodities expert MJ Quiambao Reyes, this is not very alarming and a cause of celebration for the wokes and Dilawans.

“TAKE NOTE” said Reyes to her Facebook followers.

Reyes pointed out that Duterte’s lowest trust and approval ratings are the already the highest of all the Presidents before him.

“Yung pinakamababang trust at approval rating ni PDU30 ay ang pinakamataas na rating na ng ibang mga Pangulo before him.”

“As far as my memory serves me right, no other President or gov’t official ever received that high level of trust and satisfaction. No one ever even came close,” Reyes bragged a little.

Reyes recalled what BBC host Stephen Sackur told Trillanes.

As Stephen Sackur aptly told Trillanes:

“If a Western politician could command that approval rating, they would regard that as the happiest day of their life. Believe me.”

Reyes called it a bonus that despite the left and right black propaganda against the President, he still got this high of a rating.

“Partida! He still got a high rating kahit kaliwa’t kanan pa ang paninira sa kanya ng mga oposisyon, subversive elements, at oligarch-controlled media!”

And, the survey was conducted before SONA and came a time after the black propaganda launched by an ambitious wanna-be presidents.

“Plus, that latest survey where his ratings decreased a little was conducted days BEFORE SONA and at the time na walang humpay sa paninira ang mga ambisyosong wannabe-presidents. 😆😜

As of this writing, Reyes’ FB post has elicited 4,200+ reactions, 84 comments and 234 shares in 48 hours or more and counting.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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