MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago shares recent awkward encounter with young Chinese couple at 7-11 store while buying banana

MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago shared her awkward encounter with young Chinese couple at a local convenience store while looking to buy banana.

The said encounter must have left quite an impression on the MMDA Spokesperson. In fact, Pialago took to Facebook asking the public to stop blaming the Chinese for the coronavirus scare, saying they didn’t want this to happen either. Rather, she urged the Filipinos and the Chinese to help one another.

Hi guys wag naman naten personalin mga Chinese naramdaman ko first hand na nahihiya sila sa atin at sigurado naman tayo na kahit sila hindi nila ginustong mangyare ito 😞😞

Pialago narrated that she went out to look for pugo (egg) for her late dinner, then made a quick side strip to the nearest 7-11 store to buy bananas.

According to her, she saw these young Chinese couple wearing mask, (Pialago admitted she did not wear mask) preparing to enter 7-11 simultaneously with her. However, when their eyes met, the young Chinese couple felt embarrassed and the girlfriend, out of nowhere, offered her 2 surgical masks, which she took out from her handbag while sounding apologetic, “Please take this, we very sorry.”

30 mins ago, I went out para maghanap ng pugo, yes pugo (yun lang dinner ko) sabay punta ng 7-11 para naman bumili ng saging, may nakasabay akong mag boyfriend (Chinese couple), parehas silang naka mask habang ako pa easy easy lang at walang kahit na anong mask. Sabay kaming pumasok sa 7-11, pagkatingin namin sa isa’t isa nahiya silang sumabay sa akin sa loob ng 7-11. Sabay alok ng girlfriend sa akin ng dalawang surgical face mask na galing sa handbag niya at sabi pa, please, please take this, we very sorry” 😔😔😔😔

Pialago responded with reassuring words, “Im okay, Thank You!”

Pialago ended the FB post with the message urging for cooperation and to stop blaming them (Chinese) because they did not want this to happen either.

Tulungan na lang tayo. Wag natin sila sisihin hindi rin nila ginusto ito.

But Pialago went back to her FB post to issue a clarification regarding her post after receiving a ton of messages from netizens telling her she does not love her countrymen and she did not fear for her loved ones. Pialago said she just want to emphasize what she meant of her post.

PS: Marami agad ang nag message, telling me na hindi ko mahal ang kapwa ko Pilipino at wala akong takot para sa mga mahal ko sa buhay. Emphasize ko lang po ang ibig sabihin ng post ko.

Pialago wrote: I am in favor of temporary ban and the next steps of the government. I would like to reiterate that the post was about the Chinese who resides, grew up and work in the country who are victims of bullying and blamed by our countrymen.

“Sang ayon po ako sa temporary ban at sa mga susunod pang hakbang ng gobyerno. Uulitin ko itong post na ito ay para dun sa mga Chinese na dito na nanirahan, lumaki at namuhay sa Pilipinas na nadadamay sa pambubully at paninisi ng ating mga kababayan. 😔😔😞”

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Source: MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago

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