MMDA Spokeswoman Celine Pialago slams Bayan’s Renato Reyes, online critics who said making transport strike unsuccessful is clamping down on freedom of expression?

MMDA Spokeswoman Celine Pialago responded with strong message to her bashers who said that making their transport strike unsuccessful is clamping down on freedom of expression?

The morena beauty but combative Pialago published the open letter addressed to her critics, including BAYAN’s Renato Reyes Jr. before she went to sleep.

She opened the letter asking what’s wrong by not allowing the transport strike from being successful? She said the MMDA won’t allow them to be successful because their intentions were wrong.

Pialago noted that the intention of the transport strike was to paralyze the commuting system and make the commuters and the general public suffer.  They conducted the transport strike to have their voice heard and shove it to the faces of the public that their transport group is vital to the transport system of Metro Manila. But the truth is, the transport group are taking hostage of the convenience of the public.

In other words, they are simply making the life of fellow Filipinos miserable.

The effect that the transport strikers want to happen is what the MMDA wants to prevent from happening because aside from the MMDA, the other LGU units pitched in to mitigate the effect of the transport strike.

Pialago said with conviction that the MMDA are after the welfare of the people and at this juncture, they deemed it important that the transport strike is not an additional burden to the daily hardships of the commuters.

Pialago reminded the transport group (PISTON) that program they protested against is the PUV Modernization, a program envisioned to improve the system and condition of the jeepneys all over the country. The intention is to take out the old and decrepit jeepney units in our streets, to make the public commuting comfortable, safe for all, environment friendly and not the jeepneys that emit dark exhaust. Is this program bad? Pialago lambasted the transport group for having the nerve to complain!

Pialago lamented that despite the good intentions of the government, these people continue to whine and complain because that’s the only thing they can do.

Pialago commented that these people are used to government adjusting to their complaints, particularly the Jeepney modernization program.

“You can never threaten the government. You should follow the system and if you have complaints, follow the protocol. And don’t ever tell us that making your transport strike unsuccessful is clamping down on freedom of expression,” Pialago added.

Pialago remarked that the jeepney drivers and their leaders had exercise their right to conduct a strike because we are a democracy but it doesn’t mean they are entitled to have all their requests granted.

Pialago stated that the MMDA will not give the transport strike leaders and members the satisfaction they want, which is the satisfaction out of giving the public inconvenience. Said she will not take back what she said earlier but strive to continue doing her job which is to provide public service.

She ended the open letter by telling her bashers that despite the animosity, she has nothing but love for them.

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Source: Celine Pialago, MMDA Spokesperson

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