Mother of NPA recruit from Cavite writes emotional appeal via open letter to Gov. Jonvic Remulla

A distraught mother, claiming her son was a victim of deceptive NPA recruitment, wrote an emotional appeal via an open letter to Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla.

Netizen Therese Fuentes began with the usual heading, “An open letter to Gov. Jonvic Remulla”.

Fuentes shared a stanza written in Tagalog, perhaps some sort of justification why she decided to go public.

“Katotohanan ay Alamin
Hindi Mananahimik
Bigyan Boses ang Masa paunlarin ang Hustisya”

Fuentes justified why she just came out now in the open, after 4 years of since his son was allegedly lured into the underground movement, not because she refused to fight for her son but because she had no idea who will help her.

“I’ve been silent for almost 4 years about what happened to my son Frances Ern Meriveles. Hindi ako nanahimik dahil ayaw ko ilaban ang anak ko. I was silent dahil hindi ko alam kung sino ang makatulong sa akin. We came from a simple and poor family.”

Fuentes gave netizens a peek of her state of emotion the day she found out his son was a victim of deceptive recruitment of front organization of CPP NPA NDF.

“And when my son became a victim of this deceptive recruitment of front organization of CPP NPA NDF, I felt as if my life doubled it’s challenges.
I don’t want other families to be in the same situation that I had and is currently in.”

Fuentes appealed to Gov. Jonvic Remulla to give it a thought to hear them out, fearful for her 2 other sons. She said she want to make sure these organizations will not victimize more youths in Cavite.

“Gov. Jonvic Remulla I hope you would consider to hear us out. I still have 2 children and I want to make sure that these kind organizations will not victimize more youths in Cavite.”

Fuentes sounded optimistic that if Remulla can empathize with celebrities, she knows he will also hear the stories from their group, mothers whose children were recruited by the front organizations of CPP NPA NDF.

“You had empathize with the celebrities. I know you will also want to hear our stories from Hands Off Our Children. We are all victim of deceptive recruitment. Our children became a full time activist and later on became a member of CPP NPA NDF.”

Fuentes chided Remulla, calling his behavior “ignorant” and apathetic for belittling the threats of NPA presence in his province. She said as an official, he should know better.

“As the governor of Cavite, I hope you would know that the citizens that depends on your leadership will always be the first priority, this is a much more bigger case and brushing it off is so ignorant and apathetic, as an official I know you know better. To uphold justice in our nation or province, for me, the best solution is to be aware about the dangers of being in the real world and as a member of HOOC, I personally know the pain of being naive and oppressed so after years of being hopeless about my situation, I hope that these kind of problems will be cut off once and for all.”

Fuentes ended the open letter by sharing one of Dr. Jose Rizal’s famous lines about the youths being the hope of the nation.

“We believe as Dr. Jose Rizal says ‘Ang kabataan ang pag asa ng Bayan.’ And we have to help each other to stop deceptive recruitment and save our youth.”

Fuentes shared some photos of young people, including her son, which were reported missing but believed to have gone underground and joined the NPA somewhere in the Philippines.

If you wish to see the pics, you may visit the original Fb post by clicking the link below.


Source: Therese Fuentes

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