Motorcycle rider secretly recorded a video when a cop stopped him for a traffic violation. What happened next may cost the cop his job.

Driving around Metro Manila’s traffic is not for the faint-hearted.

But dealing with corrupt traffic enforcers who make a living by preying on hapless motorists is every motorist’s biggest nightmare.

That’s why you can’t blame motorists who choose to bribe the apprehending traffic enforcers and avoid the hassle that comes with it.

However, the Facebook post of Gian Carlo Cotas gives the public a different twist to the story between traffic enforcers and motorists.

In the video shared by Gian Carlos, the apprehending officer offered his service/help to the motorist in exchange for an undetermined amount of money.

It was unclear though, if money changed hands between the cop and rider Gian Carlo.

The gesture of the apprehending officer, a Makati cop based on the conversation in the video, did not make Gian Carlo a happy man.

In retaliation, Gian Carlo posted the video on Facebook, in an apparent move to humiliate the Makati cop on social media.

On Facebook, Gian Carlo’s writes a short a caption:

Masyadong matulungin c sir bigay ka lng ng pera cia n tutubos ng lesencia,para iwas abala! 👏👏👏

The Makati cop has been the butt of jokes among Gian Carlo’s friends.

Ike Coloma II: “Nung nakita kang padating,..nag-twinkle agad mga Mata nyan,.hehe…sabi ‘uy maliwanag na pera to'”

Elison Tolentino: “Pre i public mo post mo, share natin para matulungan na rin si mamang pulis.”

Meanwhile, netizen Kristoffer Deauna ElefaƱo says the checkpoint was not legal. “Hindi legal na chekpoint yan..mga kotong yan.. 1mobile lng at walang karatulang chekpoint….mga nambubulaga lang.”

Masyadong matulungin c sir bigay ka lng ng pera cia n tutubos ng lesencia,para iwas abala! 👏👏👏


Posted by Gian Carlo Cotas on Thursday, March 8, 2018

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