Motorist warning the public to stay alert from bully Pasay traffic enforcers goes viral

A heated confrontation between an abusive traffic enforcers and a stubborn motorist has been making the rounds online.

Facebook user Ron Sabarre shared the amateur video that captured the standoff between him and the Pasay traffic enforcers who stopped him for an alleged traffic violation to highlight the bullies from the ranks of the Pasay Traffic personnel.

The viral video opened with the motorist asking the traffic enforcer to state the reason of the apprehension.

To the consternation of Sabarre, the traffic enforcer could not give a straight and specific answer.

Instead, the traffic enforcer simply pulled the answer from the top of his head.

According to the traffic enforcer, if the traffic were heavy, the infraction could have been obstruction.

However, the wily motorist reasoned out that since there was no traffic, he could not be issued a ticket for such violation.

The traffic enforcer agreed.

Not wanting to let go of the motorist, the traffic enforcer said that he could cite disregarding traffic signs as the ground for issuing a traffic violation.

When the motorist asked the traffic enforcer to give the specific traffic signs he violated, the latter sidestepped the question by turning his attention to the motorist recording the confrontation on video.

At this point, the argument has turned from bad to worse as traffic enforcer #2 joined the heated exchange and warned the motorist to quit the talking, otherwise he will be charged with assaulting an officer.

Meanwhile, traffic officer #1 continue badgering the motorist to quit recording the incident on his camera phone because according to him, the motorist is harassing them.

From here, the argument continued until the video went dark, leaving the public hanging.

However, this is transpired after the video went black.

Ron Sabarre Ganito said: “Ganito po ang nangyari kanina pagkatapos po nung video na napanood ninyo, mga ilan minuto pa ang lumipas at nagsabi na po ako sa kanila na pumunta na lang kami sa headquarters nila o kung saan man presinto nila gusto. Doon ipapakita ko ang footage na kuha mula sa dash cam at sabay surrender ng drivers license ko kung mapapatunayan na meron po akong violation. Ayaw naman po nila — kahit na sinabi ko na sumakay sa akin yun isa para masiguro na hindi ako tatakas. Sabi lang ni ser kuya na “sige na, umalis ka na.. “

As of this writing, the video has gathered 83,000 views, 1,496 shares and 851 reactions on Facebook.

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Traffic enforcers na bully dito sa Pasay!!!

Posted by Ron Sabarre on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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