Movie director hits people who rant on social media after getting stuck in traffic despite advisories: “Sino ngayon ang mukhang tanga?”

Do you complain about the Metro Manila traffic, especially after getting stuck in EDSA for hours because of the ASEAN Summit?

Well, before you curse and rant against the government for the traffic, I suggest you read first the message of movie director Manny Castaneda posted on his Facebook account.

It reads:

We have been informed or warned thru social media, tv, and print about the heavy traffic that will ensue due to the Asean meeting. The road closure and rerouting have been made very clear to the public. Also, the duration of the ASEAN summit has been declared a non-working holiday and classes in all levels are suspended as well to keep us off the roads.

Yet, some people still disregarded the advisories and ventured out in areas that has already been declared “off limits”. As a result, they get stuck in traffic and rant like they have been unduly punished by the government for the inconvenience they endured, even to the point of violating traffic laws just to get through.

I ask… sino ngayon ang mukhang tanga?

Well, let us read the comments of Castaneda’s Facebook friends and see if they agree with his sentiment.

Alexis Say say: “It is those law breakers that makes it difficult for our country to progress. Ridiculously, these are the same people who yaup terribly about the government.”

Net Maranan thanks Castaneda for the post. “Thank you for this wonderful post nang mabatukan naman kahit kunti ang mga tanga”

Pil Anthony Uy Bebeloni remarks: “Indeed! But SOME people would disregards those advisories circulating. Unless, they experience it. Usually, it’s very common to some of us not to obey with the reminders and signs “BABALA” until accidents happened.”

Bob Zozobrado joins Castaneda in slamming people complaining about the traffic. “Manny…you hit the nail right on the head! I’ve seen posts today criticizing the government for hosting the ASEAN Summit! Now, that’s being brainless to the max! Just because they are inconvenienced by road closures, and they have been adequately forewarned, they disregard the recognition, the prestige, and the revenues that this event is giving us! All our hotels are full, even the 3-star establishments! These people obviously still haven’t moved on and continue their nitpicking over anything and everything our government does! Pathetic!”

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