Multi-awarded veteran actress bashed for commenting The late PRESIDENT MARCOS IS “MY” HERO? Netizens react

Elizabeth Oropesa or Jacqueline Elizabeth Freeman in real life complained on Facebook that she was bashed for simply commenting, The late PRESIDENT MARCOS IS “MY” HERO.

Freeman said she was not surprised though many of the Marcos critics are really rude and stupid. Said she was ok. She was certain about herself and being rude is not in her personality.

Freeman’s FB post has generated 7,400 reactions, 802 comments and 75 shares in just 10 hours and counting.

Many netizens expressed sympathy or support for Elizabeth Freeman as shown in the comments below.

Netizen #1 commented she loves Elizabeth Freeman and wished all learn to respect other people.

We love you tita. Sana matutong mangrespeto ang lahat. Pilipino tayo at may karapatan ang bawat isa to voice out their choice para sa pinuno ng ating bansa.

Netizen #2 also expressed her support for Elizabeth Freeman.

We love you madam Dra. Basta solid BBM tayong lahat. ❤️❤️

Some netizens commented that also share Ms. Elizabeth Oropesa’s opinion of former President Marcos.

I agree father was a police colonel under FEM…until now po our loyalty is with the Marcoses…and magaling talaga c late President FEM..i admire him so much..un lng maraming bastos talaga at walang pinag aralan n mga tao..

Another netizen also said he considered FEM as hero like Ms. Elizabeth Freeman but she is not bother if the anti-Marcos bashed her.

Same sentiments here Miss. Elizabeth. But I am not bothered, sabi ko nga sa kanila, bring it on! I stand firm with what I believed, FEM (Apo Lakay) is The BEST PRESIDENT WE EVER HAD. I even told them look at those accomplishments. It can’t even be equated with the total accomplishments of all other presidents. I consider him a Hero. Why? Because his decision to declare Martial law ensured that our country will never fall under NPA/communist takeover. Martial law save us from evil communism. And that’s the main reason of yellows and red’s hatred towards him. He single handedly stopped the terrorists and ambitious, greedy politicians from assuming the government.

Some netizens advised Ms. Elizabeth to ignore the bashers.

Ignore them. Stand pat on what you believe in. Nobody can take that away from you. Remember you’re the “‘Captain of your soul, the Master of your fate!”

Wag mo nlng pansinin po. Not worth your energy and time. They have so much anger in their hearts..


Source: Jacqueline Elizabeth Freeman

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