Murder of Korean businessman, a Duterte ouster plot? Netizens say so after narco-general linked to kidnappers known!

Blogger Krizette Laureta Chu, a Duterte supporter, expressed alarm following reports linking a “narco general” to the kidnapper of the Korean businessman.

“Allegedly, SPO3 Ricky Sta. Isabel’s boss is/was Gen Garbo, one of the five Pres. Duterte mentioned,” Ms. Chu said.

Ms Chu continued: “So is it possible that some of the generals named by Duterte are moving to destabilize and sabotage this government and wreck the PNP from the inside? Divide and conquer? Ruin credibility? There must be some link, some connection, some implication–hence this article.”

“Or are we just grasping at straws? Afraid of the answer, afraid of the possibility that Bato, one of the men we like and trust in this government, is just really sorely inefficient?” Ms. Chu asked in disturbed voice.

Ms. Chu concluded her post with the provocative line below…

Things are not always what it seems. Did these men patiently plan their revenge on this government for “outing” them?

Many netizens share the sentiment of Ms. Chu and freely express their views in the comment section of thread.

“Actually, that’s what I thought. Ginawa ng mga BS at bayaran na Lispu yun sa korean para sirain ang bumabalik na tiwala ng taong bayan sa PNP, gus2 nlang masira ang PNP dahil full support si PRRD sa mga ito except sa mga Pasaway. Ng sa ganun ma destabilise nila ang gobyerno, puntos ng mga narcogenerals at narcopoliticians yun para masira si PRRD,” Jinju Francisco said.

“This is likely! Garbo has nothing to lose cause he is already damaged goods. He would want to regain the power that he lost by whatever means possible and continue with the lucrative drug trade. He might also be in cahoots with the Lpugs, the political party who wants a regime change and doing their best to destabilize this government,” Joy Jimenez said.

“In Retaliation in Naming Him as a Drug Protector, It’s Possible,” James Laulita agreed.

Meanwhile, some netizens urge the netizens to rally support behind PNP Chief Bato in midst of criticism from the Korean killing.

“The good cops and the soldiers must rally behind PNP Chief Dela Rosa in ridding the PNP of these rogue cops. Our president’s assurance that he has full confidence in ‘his police’ only pertains to good cops and the war on drugs is slowly unmasking the dirty cops, specifically the ones under these identified narco generals,” Bong Jamora Santiago wrote.

Your thoughts on the retaliation and destabilization angle?

Source: Yahoo

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